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LAN for the highest of expectations

Local area networks are a decisive factor in company performance processes. Managed LAN Services save on resources

A kingdom of proactive LAN management

Local area networks (LAN and Wi-Fi) are decisive factors in the ups and downs of IT performance, alongside the computer center. But running the LAN infrastructure requires considerable staff and financial resources. T-Systems takes over this task on request and guarantees success with its SLA (service level agreement). This arrangement gives companies security and facilitates a high-performing company network.

SLAs provide clarity on everything involved in LAN and Wi-Fi infrastructure

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IT employees can breathe a sigh of relief. With managed LAN services, T-Systems takes over all tasks around the active components of the company network. T-Systems configures ports and Wi-Fi access points. As well as this, the managed service contractor provides the necessary hard- and software, including IT services. Services like proactive monitoring and technical reporting are of course also included in the agreed all-round and care-free SLA service. 

Cloud services are also growing in significance. T-Systems has recognized this and offers a network solution controlled completely by the cloud, which ensures secure connectivity. The network is very easy to statt administer through a cloud-hosted centralized platform and an intuitive browser-based dashboard. The solution is perfect for everything from very small to very large installations. Special advantages result from distributed architectures, where a simple replication of configurations is necessary, such as in stores. A cloud-based management system enables simple roll-out scenarios, quick and uncomplicated device exchanges or comprehensive configuration changes in stores without a large hassle.

LAN Security – business essential in the digitalization era

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Managed LAN services for business success

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Networks are required to have an increasingly high capacity. Cloud computing and wireless bandwidth-intensive applications such as video, machine-to-machine communication, and big data present a challenge for local area networks. This is because each form of data traffic starts and ends its journey in local area networks.

But those local area networks are always made up of heterogeneous network structures. Many companies have managed their networks poorly in the past, and at best, switched out individual parts such as switches or wireless components to maintain their connection. But watch out: botched LAN maintenance can strike a critical blow to business success.

Particularly for international companies, a heterogeneous infrastructure for the local network is a common scenario. Due to mergers and acquisitions, additional local area networks often come into play, often with a design that is different to the existing network.

Malfunctions in heterogeneous LAN environments can instantaneously cripple a company. Then servers and storage are also affected. The complex search for the error in such situations, often with historically-developed LANs, costs time, money, and nerves. Managed LAN services reduce the amount of malfunctions and simplify operation and trouble-shooting when malfunctions occur.

Generally, LANs are made up of three layers: the access layer, distribution layer, and core layer. Depending on the number of employees in the company and the attached devices as well as the room size, there can be hundreds or even thousands of LAN components in a single company network. Manual management of such landscapes without an experienced LAN operator's expertise is essentially impossible.

If you want to save yourself trouble in the long run, invest in Managed LAN Services

Customers use active LAN components as a Managed Service. This means you don't have to spend money on your own LAN infrastructure unnecessarily. Companies also don't need their own management system for their company network, thanks to this service.

What would be the right time to implement this? When you are converting your telephone system to SIP-/VoIP, expanding the Wi-Fi network to new access points (AP), or generally wanting to update your outdated LAN.

T-Systems operates more than half a million LAN ports worldwide for its customers. The resulting economies of scale mean considerable discounts for the customer. The management of local company networks is carried out using secure network connections from T-Systems' high-security computer centers.

LAN services

White paper: All important information concerning LAN services.

Net-based LAN services: the plug & play solution for Wi-Fi

Buildings or locations can be temporarily equipped with Wi-Fi and the corresponding access points (AP). There are many reasons to do this. For example, say the management of a company introduce a free choice of work spaces at a location, expand a location, or provide employees in the incoming and outgoing goods departments with tablets.

If they want to install a lot of Wi-Fi access points simultaneously, this will take a long time. A technician must configure each Wi-Fi controller and the connected access points individually. In addition, they need to enter whatever network names and codes there are, set up the Wi-Fi range, provide the gateway address, and much more.

For this form of use, net-based LAN is recommended. The managed Wi-Fi service uses the existing LAN. The Wi-Fi hardware is delivered to the customer. After that, the customer connects the new access points with the available LAN. You don't even need specialist IT knowledge to do this.

Every access point is configured completely automatically through the cloud. The network data coordinated by T-Systems and the customer, along with the security guidelines, form the basis for this.

Even control of the network is managed centrally from the cloud. This allows companies to save money on the installation and operation of a local Wi-Fi controller. T-Systems monitors the wireless LANs around the clock.

The Wi-Fi access points used can easily be integrated into the existing infrastructure of your network. The manufacturer is unimportant. Also, if an access point malfunctions, this doesn't affect your ability to work. If an access point is disrupted, the surrounding devices increase their range automatically. This allows them to cover the malfunctioning cell.

Wi-Fi access points and the cloud have encrypted communication and only transfer configuration and monitoring data. They don't transmit any user data. T-Systems processes the transferred data in high-security German computer centers in line with the strict German data protection guidelines. 

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