Transformation in die Cloud - welche Cloud darf es sein?
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7/02/2019 5G will not only make self-driving cars possible, as it will also enhance the systems of networked cars. Descubre más
24/01/2019 In-house networks in large enterprises have grown heterogeneously for years but now face the threat of collapse under the rapidly growing data load. It is high time for action. Descubre más
5/06/2018 With hundreds of antennas per base station, mobile network data rates are increasing dramatically, and Massive MIMO is an important component of 5G. Descubre más
19/02/2018 5G will not just be a new and even more powerful mobile communications standard; it will be a totally new network for the Internet of Things. Descubre más
16/11/2017 Virtualization technology is unlocking the wide area network: the SD-WAN provides new connections and functions in a short time.  Descubre más
19/06/2017 It is repeatedly claimed that IP telephony is not secure. Especially after Snowden’s announcement that the NSA monitors Skype. So how secure is VoIP in reality? Descubre más
24/05/2017 Digitization demands all-round talent in networking: multilayer networks. Thanks to all-IP, they also offer the optimal transmission quality for Ethernet services for the first time. Descubre más
16/05/2017 Light fidelity networks put conventional Wi-Fi in the shade. After all, Li-Fi offers speeds of more than 10 gigabits per second (Gbit/s). Descubre más
8/02/2017 Si las empresas cambian a troncales SIP, deberían tener en cuenta una PBX (centralita privada) así como una centralización de todas las conexiones. Es una decisión que les ahorrará mucho más que ... Descubre más