T-Systems is a leader in the public cloud market

Four leader status ratings in the ISG Provider Lens™: Public Cloud Solutions & Services 2020

Analyst paper ISG Provider Lens™

Read in detail how the analysts from ISG have rated T-Systems in the report on Public Cloud Solutions & Services 2020.

Broad range, strong public cloud performance

The global technology research and advisory firm rates T-Systems as a leader in the categories of consulting and transformational service as well as managed public cloud services for large companies. In addition, ISG considers T-Systems to be the leading provider for SAP HANA Infrastructure Services as well as Hyperscale Infrastructure and Platform Services in Germany.

Consulting and transformation – combining cloud and legacy expertise

chart consulting and transformation services large accounts isg 2020

“T-Systems is emerging as a public cloud specialist which is comfortable with cloud native methods and tools as well as legacy platforms,” said the analysts when summing up T-Systems’ consulting and transformation services. The study highlights the growing number of experts for AWS, Microsoft, VMware, SAP and increasingly also Google cloud. With various migration methods such as the in-house Cloudifier product, T-Systems can also fully meet the demands of customers with complex integration needs. 

Managed public cloud services for hyperscalers

managed public cloud services for large accounts isg 2020

When it comes to managed public cloud services, ISG emphasizes the enterprise-compliant cloud management and cloud governance, as well as the highest standards in terms of security and cost control. The technical understanding – including in multi-cloud environments – is combined with the process and business understanding for industries. T-Systems can also draw on its ServiceNow expertise.

T-Systems is consistently implementing the cloud-first strategy and is very committed to working with the leading hyperscaler providers.

ISG in Provider Lens™: Public Cloud Solutions & Services 2020

Top rankings for SAP from the cloud

sap hana infrastructure services isg 2020

Thanks to its strong SAP expertise, T-Systems advanced immediately to the top group in the new SAP HANA Infrastructure Services category. Based on its long-standing experience, T-Systems is able to offer scalable infrastructure portfolio for SAP and SAP HANA, which is highly valued by customers of all sizes and industries. ISG also emphasized the flexibility that customers gain by operating their SAP systems in the cloud. T-Systems offers a wide range of sourcing options, e.g. AWS, Azure, Open Telekom Cloud, or hybrid models. The analysts concluded that T-Systems offers one of the most attractive SAP HANA products, which holds the promise of a secure cloud transformation.

Own public cloud as hyperscaler alternative

hyperscale infrastructure and platform services isg 2020

As in the previous year, the Open Telekom Cloud was able to position itself in the top group of public cloud infrastructure and platform services. ISG considers the Open Telekom Cloud to be a real alternative to the US competitors. The main strength is its extensive cloud portfolio and the commitment to storing data in Europe. The analysts also mentioned the hybrid model offered by the Open Telekom Cloud. It helps user companies to operate their own cloud installations, which are managed by T-Systems. 

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