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Leader for Microsoft services in Germany

T-Systems confirms its performance in the ISG provider Lens™ Microsoft Ecosystem in 2022

Leading role in the market confirmed

T-Systems has again emerged as a leader in three categories of the ISG provider Lens™ Microsoft Ecosystem in 2022. The study puts on record that, “T-Systems is a leading provider of solutions based on Microsoft products in Germany. The provider employs a large number of experts and has the requisite economic capacity and experience in business with large customers.”

Leader in three categories

Leader badge

In the category Managed Services for Azure, the ISG analysts rated T-Systems higher in the areas of competitive strength and attractiveness of portfolio than in the previous year. With an improved attractiveness of portfolio, T-Systems scored highly in the category Microsoft 365; T-Systems showed the greatest competitive strength among participants in SAP. 

Get the report in full here

You want to know more? In this report, ISG highlights key strengths of T-Systems that result in the leader positions for T-Systems across Microsoft Ecosystem services like Managed Services for Azure Large Enterprises, Microsoft 365 Large Enterprises, SAP on Azure.

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