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What does the perfect path into the cloud look like? This is something that every company has to find out for themselves. A framework can help

June 15 2022Ralf Poggemann

No business success without the cloud?

By 2025, more than 95 percent of all workloads will be prepared on a cloud-native platform, as predicted by the market researchers at Gartner. In 2021, it was only 30 percent. A business strategy without a cloud strategy is virtually unthinkable today. For companies, it is no longer a question of whether they will use cloud services, but what their journey into the cloud will look like and how they can holistically shape their cloud transformation.

For what kind of applications is the multi-cloud suitable?

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Instead of only using the cloud services of a single provider, companies often put together a solution made up of offers from several providers. According to an IDC study, more than 40 percent of digital leaders want to invest in such environments and migrate workloads into a multi-cloud by 2023. When it comes to the choice of cloud services, they have to meet both compliance and technical requirements, all while keeping an eye on the necessary security standards. The challenge: Many companies are simply overwhelmed with deciding which cloud services are best suited for which purpose or which application.

The solution: Cloud services as a springboard for innovation

Due to our long-standing experience and a wide range of successfully implemented cloud projects, we know how customers are able to benefit from the advantages of the multi-cloud. We support our customers in choosing and implementing the right cloud services. Thanks to scalable cloud resources, they are becoming more flexible, accelerating their workloads, optimizing processes and gaining time, which, in turn, they can use for value-creating tasks.

Our cloud migration framework offers precisely what you need to successfully launch into the cloud. It consists of standardized modules which we provide on a flexible basis and tailor to your needs. The cloud migration framework offers solutions for every point along your cloud journey: starting with the planning and a cloud readiness check via migration and modernization through to operation excellence and cloud governance.

Booster for digital business models in football


Cloud services are already crucial in many cases for innovation and the success of new business models. An example from the world of sport demonstrates this: trends such as e-sports are a challenge for football clubs in particular. The pandemic also showed how important it is to keep fans and their members loyal to a club if the games are not being played as usual. Against this backdrop, a football club with a long history migrated its IT to Microsoft Azure with our help. During the course of the project, we analyzed the on-premises infrastructure and determined the ideal journey into the cloud. We developed a suitable migration path to successfully bring the club's Windows server and its database systems into the cloud. For the sports club, our Managed Cloud Services for Azure formed the basis for successfully developing our business model and ensuring compelling customer experiences.

White paper: How you can get the most out of the cloud

This white paper shows you more about the various factors which are crucial for a successful cloud transformation.

Redeeming the cloud promise

Depending on the strategy, expected advantages and workloads, there are many possibilities to use the cloud. A partner like T-Systems offers a wide portfolio of cloud-related services to enable the establishment of a modern IT platform. How do we manage this? With our cloud migration framework. It bundles our agile methods and best practices for cloud migration and sets standards for the digital transformation of companies.

No matter at which point a customer finds themselves in their cloud journey, if they want to modernize their IT landscape in the cloud, they are best starting with targeted consulting. Our cloud assessment offers a targeted consulting approach based upon which we analyze the customer's IT landscape and requirements in detail. This ensures that companies are on the right path into the cloud, one which will allow them to achieve their business goals over the long term.

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