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"Our customers work with around 10 million sensitive documents in legally relevant areas every day, that’s why data protection is our top priority."
Jan Baksa Lesjak, founder and managing director 42DBS

42DBS: Manage documents securely in the cloud

Send invoices digitally, sign powers of attorney digitally: In Slovenia and other countries, 42DBS digitalized back-office processes. In order to also offer its document management software (DMS) in Germany, the software company was looking for a secure cloud solution. And found it in the Open Telekom Cloud.
When it comes to cloud computing, German companies have particularly high demands: According to a recent study by KPMG and Bitkom, almost all companies (97 percent) describe GDPR compliance as an absolute "must-have" when choosing their cloud provider. So anyone who wants to gain a foothold in the German market with a cloud solution cannot ignore adequate data protection.
Jan Baksa Lesjak also knows this. The managing director of the Slovenian-German company 42DBS wanted to offer his document management software (DMS), ShakeSpeare, in Germany as well as in his home country. With its software, 42DBS supports the digital processing of invoices or powers of attorney – in other words: highly sensitive data. The Open Telekom Cloud, Deutsche Telekom's public cloud offering, seemed to him to be just the right technical basis for this.

GDPR-compliant cloud solution

Up until then, Baksa Lesjak had operated his ShakeSpeare solutions exclusively on his own servers in Slovenia. But he knew that on the German market this would not be enough to gain the trust of German companies. "Data protection is our top priority. And we secure our servers in the best possible way. However, many German companies attach great importance to a cloud basis from a renowned provider with data centers in Germany," says Baksa Lesjak, who now has an office in Munich. "What's more, our customers often come from industries that process highly sensitive data.” In addition to invoices or powers of attorney, this also includes entire client files. The ShakeSpeare software processes ten million such documents every day on behalf of its customers.
Baksa Lesjak was therefore looking for GDPR-compliant cloud solutions on the German market. At the same time, Deutsche Telekom was looking for new partners for its Solution Partner Program, to accompany IT service providers on their way to the cloud, offer support in sales and marketing and provide individual support in the implementation of projects. 42DBS was the ideal candidate.

IT security and data protection with the Open Telekom Cloud

42DBS has been an official Solution Partner of Deutsche Telekom since July 2017 and, as part of the cooperation, uses computing resources from the Open Telekom Cloud, which is hosted in the multi-certified and highly secure data centers in Magdeburg and Biere. To operate the software, Baksa Lesjak relies on two virtual machines from the Memory Optimized Flavor, each with 32 GB RAM and four vCPUs. If required, Baksa Lesjak simply books additional IT resources.
Digital document management from the Open Telekom Cloud – it’s a combination that has since then convinced many German companies. One example is the IT service provider Digatus, which uses the S-Invoice solution from 42DBS for its digital invoice management. Managing Director Alexander Tobias uses it to map all the company’s accounting processes. "The fact that such a solution saves time and money is obvious," he says. "The most important thing for us, however, was that IT security and data protection would be guaranteed at the highest level at all times. With the 42DBS solution based on the Open Telekom Cloud, we have now found exactly such a solution."
42DBS has established itself on the German market. Now Baksa Lesjak wants to expand his range of solutions. He sees much more potential in the legal area, for example. "In the future, we also want to offer a solution for courts or insolvency registers," he says. "After the positive start, we will once again rely on the Open Telekom Cloud.”

More about the 42DBS reference

  • 42DBS supports companies in digitalizing legally relevant processes.
  • Developed the ShakeSpeare solutions for this purpose, which are used in the banking, healthcare and legal sectors.
  • With ShakeSpeare, invoices are digitally available at all times.
  • Founder Baksa Lesjak was looking for a stable, scalable and, above all, secure cloud solution operated in German data centers.
  • High data protection requirements.
  • In order to be able to also offer the solution in Germany, the company was looking for a stable,
    scalable and, above all, secure cloud solution operated in German data centers.
  • 42DBS applied for Telekom’s Solution Partner Program.
  • Since July 2017, ShakeSpeare solutions have been available to German companies from the Open Telekom Cloud.
  • 42DBS uses the Memory Optimized Flavor with 32 GB RAM and four vCPUs for this purpose.
  • On average, the software provider uses two of this type of virtual machines to operate its solution.
  • 42DBS can flexibly add IT resources at any time.
  • Every day, the company processes around 10 million of its customers’ confidential documents securely in the Open Telekom Cloud.
  • The software company can deploy new versions of the software centrally.
  • 42DBS always complies with the GDPR’s strict rules.
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