The employees behind the success

I make IT work: our employees’ stories

Our employees support their clients in their digital journey every day. Get to know their success stories!

These are the employees behind the success

Behind every solution our customers receive from us are: our employees. With their knowledge and experience, their drive and motivation, they ensure that our customers are satisfied. Here they tell their very personal success stories

Viktória Varga, Hungary: A solution for remote work for a leading energy provider 

Viktória Varga

I support the leading energy provider of Europe as a Professional Coordinator of Order Management and take care of their IT orders. When the pandemic hit, they needed us to move their workforces worldwide to remote working mode as fast as possible for their business continuity. We needed to react immediately to be able to provide the fastest solution with the highest quality. We fulfilled successfully their needs, delivered their orders in time, and made it possible for them to move all their employees to remote working in a week. The customer was grateful and I was happy that we could act agile enough to support them in this particular situation.

Ralf Rauber and Jürgen Hansen, Germany: Highly satisfied customer from the telecommunications industry

Ralf Rauber and Jürgen Hansen

120 points in terms of satisfaction - that's a dream score we received in a survey this year from one of our customers in the telecommunications industry. We can proudly say: We have done a lot for this! In the past two years, we have managed to continuously build up business with the customer through intensive customer care, with tact, conviction, through competence and cooperation in a spirit of partnership. Together we are shaping topics such as a Facility Management solution, Application Management, BusinessTransformation, a digital twin of buildings (Digital Building Twin) as well as S4HANA. A great success story for all of us. And we look forward to continuing it together!

Peter Gacik, Slovakia: Custom monitoring solutions and automations for KONE

Peter Gacik

The situation in our lives and working environment in 2020 has changed, but our customers have recognized only the best quality of our services. As a Technical Customer Consultant dedicated for KONE, I was responsible for custom monitoring solutions and automations. 

We were focused on delivering working solutions in a short time to support customer plans and strategy. In May 2020 I was awarded by Certificate of Appreciation directly from the customer for my long-term outstanding and professional approach, strong effort and flexibility in these strange times. I am driven by the guiding principle “Customer delight and simplicity drive our action”, that is also confirmed by another Award called “GPN WOWzers” in the category “Customer” where I received 300 nominations within 5 international locations of T-Systems.

Anna Lukácsy, Hungary: Focus on clients’ needs and cooperation

Anna Lukacsy

My passion was always working with people, and I think I have found my dream job here as a Team Leader. To motivate my team, I use my beliefs: open communication, teamwork and customer centricity. I have a really great team behind me, and feel that we can all rely on each other. Nothing proves it better than our customers showing their appreciation towards us (even by sending our favorite chocolates). In the recent past we needed to focus more on our customers’ needs, and someone (that was actually me) needed to take the lead for the better cooperation. My attitude had an impact on my team, I am so happy that we could achieve our goal.

Melinda Ivett Bóday, Hungary: Excellent service delivery for the customer

Melinda Ivett Bóday

6 years have already passed since I started to work at this company as an Order Manager. I challenged myself and tried different kind of positions like Professional Coordinator and Team Leader. I really missed the daily customer contact therefore I changed my position to be a Customer Solution Consultant.

I’m so proud that I was able to support the customer since the very beginning. When I took over this role, during the transition I needed to learn on the job and I only had 3 months (Instead of the planned 12 months). Due to high professionalism and excellent service delivery, I could ensure that the customer didn’t notice the change, and the business was running like before.
Only one thing has changed: I started to receive more and more customer compliments on my work.

It was a kind of „jumping to a deep water”, but I used my „don’t panic” attitude, and achieved my target: My customer appreciation.

Klaus Espeter, Germany: Optimizing costs for a European mobile operator

Klaus Espeter

In the past months, I have once again received confirmation on how valuable it is to build up a truly trusting relationship with customers and to maintain it on a daily basis. Without trust, we wouldn't have been able to walk the path together, which began at the beginning of this year: A European mobile operator signed a contract with T-Systems International GmbH for Managed Public Cloud Infrastructure Services. We are converting almost the customer's entire basic IT infrastructure to the public cloud platforms of AWS and Azure, which we manage. In addition to the configuration of the cloud, user profiles and security concepts, our service for the customer also includes keeping an eye on and optimizing costs: We offer them transparency about all cloud services in the company. In addition, we offer technical and commercial cost optimization through dynamic cloud use and regular analysis and coordination. I am proud to be part of the team that has already initiated this project in the last year. This is so important for the customer and has ensured such high customer satisfaction. And I am looking forward to further cooperation!

Leonardo Borelli, Spain: A virtual marketplace in 24 hours

Leonardo Borelli

In extreme situations, some people bring out the best in themselves, and this has been one of the most beautiful lessons that the current crisis has given me. When the pandemic began, many colleagues from T-Systems found ourselves at home eager to help and together with another group of people from our customer Mercabarna, the idea of doing a solidarity Hackathon came up. In 2 days a multidisciplinary team of more than 20 people was organized and in 24 non-stop hours we create a Solidarity Marketplace-app “T-Mercabarna Solidaria” that has allowed to distribute tons of food to those most in need. When the engine of the heart is combined with the professionalism of a great team, wonderful things can be done.

Saurabh Raut, India: Automation for an automobile company

Saurabh Raut

I always wanted to work in an environment where new ideas & approaches were given a chance to flourish. After working here for 2 years, I can vouch that T-Systems, India is that company. Upgrading my skill set constantly & comprehending client requirements to map them with solutions is what it takes to succeed in my job. I was extremely happy when I got to work on a project for a leading automobile company. If I set my mind on something, I believe I can achieve it. With the help of my team, we not only streamlined an automated system for this client but also successfully added a feature to alert their service desk agents via automated call & SMS through a bot, based on the priority of an incident. The positive feedback that I received is what counts as a measure of appreciation for me and that's how I know – I am conquering in my field!

Insia Zaidi, India: Solution for maintaining huge data

Insia Zaidi

Since the day I joined the company to the date, I would describe my journey at T-Systems, India the one to be cherished forever. Every day was new, filled with opportunities and challenges. I feel enthusiastic when I work towards solving client problems with new-age technology. My role demanded me to master niche technical skills that can be used to develop optimum solutions for our clients. I along with my team mates Vijayendra R. Sourabh Saha Sanjukta Dey created solutions such as for a leading client who has to maintain huge data of its suppliers which needs validation & creation of SAP entries. Our system provisioned scalability to accommodate existing & new entries without code changes. I can say the one thing that motivates me to SUCCEED in such tasks is my will to do right by my clients. I learn, I grow, & now I lead in my profession.

Rao Vijayendra, India: Automated S/4HANA API solution

Rao Vijayendra

It's been 2 years at T-Systems & I am proud to be a part of this transformational journey. For me & my teammate Saurabh Raut, customer satisfaction has always been our goal. If something falls short, we complete it. We accept the challenges that come in our way to achieving customer satisfaction. We collaborate, brainstorm & come up with “out of the box” solutions. One of which was building an automated solution independent of GUI & implementing the S/4HANA API for one of our leading German clients. We minimized the error probability which was their main concern. And, that's how we set an example to showcase our dedication towards our work and clients. I am highly inspired by "Win at what you do" which helps me benefit my client with a more stable approach to their technical crisis.

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