T- T-Systems is a founding partner of 42 Berlin

T-Systems is a founding partner of 42 Berlin

Together we are fostering a new generation of software developers.

Driving digitization forward – with a focus on people

As a founding partner, T-Systems provides strategic and financial support for the 42 Berlin programming school. Driving digitization forward – that works with excellently qualified employees. To this end, T-Systems not only invests in the development of our experts, but also in the recruitment of new tech talents.

New ways. New learning. For everyone.

A man shows something on a tablet to another man and a woman.

42 Berlin is a programming school with an innovative learning concept – no professors, no lectures, no exams, no tuition. Instead, students advance their software development skills independently through projects and peer learning. Age, origin and prior education do not matter. Anyone can take advantage of the opportunity to gain a foothold in this promising career field. T-Systems' commitment thus enables many people to enjoy equal opportunities and participate in a digital future.

Start of the first tech talents of Coding School 42 at T-Systems

Feel inspired by People Experience

Portrait of Jan Krellner

Jan Krellner, Senior Vice President People eXperience & projects

“At T-Systems, we see it as our mission to create the best people experience along the entire employee journey. This applies to our existing and all possible future employees – because they are our most valuable assets. That’s why recruiting, and development are among our focus topics. The collaboration with diverse tech talents will enrich our people business in an exciting way. I am highly looking forward to engaging with 42 students, learning from each other and opening doors to compelling projects.”

Exciting digital projects need talents and talents need exciting digital projects

Portrait of Dr. Andreas Greis

Dr. Andreas Greis, Senior Vice President Digital Solutions

“As T-Systems, we are strongly relying on people who inspire and guide our customers within their individual digitization journey. One excellent example of a valuable digitization project is the largest open-source project implemented in Germany on behalf of the German government: the Corona Warn App. Developed by T-Systems and programmed in cooperation with SAP in just 50 days, the App helps people, governments and the WHO throughout Europe and even worldwide. To make such exciting and socially relevant projects successfully happen, we are consistently investing in our T-Systems employees and their individual future skills.”

We wish all 42 students a lot of fun and success in their studies and look forward to the exchange and cooperation!

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