T-Systems also offers hosting of the solutions in an Infrastructure-as-a-Serivce (IAAS) model.

Strong Social Business Consulting and Integration

"T-Systems/T-Systems MMS remains ‘the’ German provider of social business solutions." – ISG 2018
Henning Heinrich
Henning Heinrich

Head of Marketing Strategy & Planning and Influencer Management

Provider Lens™: Social Business Services & Solutions

The Information Services Group (ISG) ranks T-Systems as a leader in social transformation (consulting & transformation). In the Provider LensTM ranking, strategic consulting skills in the use of social business software and services or entire suites and their integration are evaluated. Nineteen consulting firms and service providers were rated as the most relevant in Germany by the ISG analysts. T-Systems is ranked among the leading providers.
The consulting and research company described the comprehensive portfolio offered by T-Systems and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (MMS) in the area of social business transformation as particularly attractive and competitive. It is a portfolio that is designed to serve both major companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, according to the analysts. In addition, for the first time the study focused on artificial intelligence and chatbots. In this area as well, T-Systems/T-Systems MMS ranked among the providers who are already active in these promising areas and received higher rankings as a result. 

ISG identified the following strengths:

  • Comprehensive service portfolio for social business solutions
  • Complete ecosystem of strong technology partners
  • Provision of individual best-of-breed solutions
  • Focus on a wide range of areas, both in the collaboration and commercial segment
  • Consultation, implementation and integration of brand communities as a fledgling portfolio element
  • Focus on issues of the future, including chatbot integration

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