Managed SD-WAN Overlay

Fully Managed SD-WAN

Integrated Network Operation of SD-WAN and MPLS-VPN: Design and security made in Germany

  • Integrated end-to-end service for Managed SD-WAN and transport networks
  • Intelligent routing via hybrid networks
  • Zero touch provisioning of new services
  • Industry-leading Cisco SD-WAN technology
  • Smart step-by-step migration
  • Interoperable with existing MPLS network
  • Prospect of universal CPE with virtual network functions

Secure and agile: Corporate network with IntraSelect SD-WAN

The ultimate in Managed SD-WAN: T-Systems offers companies a software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) including MPLS and the Internet as transport networks. Enterprises can use it to monitor and adapt their network centrally, to connect clouds more easily and to route data smartly across hybrid networks  without having to worry about complex network management. T-Systems handles network operation at both levels 24/7. That includes coordinating SD-WAN and transport networks – a task performed by a team of certificated experts. Service level agreements (SLAs) define corporate network performance end to end across both the overlay and the underlay. IntraSelect SD-WAN is based on certified Cisco SD-WAN technology.

Security made in Germany

T-Systems SD-WAN exceeds the most exacting security and privacy requirements. The central management components are operated in the Open Telekom Cloud in compliance with the strict German privacy guidelines. Furthermore, the service is fully managed by Deutsche Telekom. This guarantees a uniform view of security. All components have successfully undergone Telekom’s Privacy and Security Assessment (PSA) procedure.

A tried and tested SD-WAN migration method

T-Systems also provides support with regards migration of your existing MPLS-VPNs to SD-WAN. The network is migrated segment by segment in accordance with a tried and tested procedure. A purpose-built gateway bridges the new locations enabling the seamless migration of your legacy locations onto the new SD-WAN platform
Reference: Siemens AG
Siemens employs T-Systems for its digital transformation: A modern SD-WAN increases the available bandwidth and expands and simplifies the management options of the network – all while reducing costs.


Technical specifications

  • End-to-end SLAs for the SD-WAN overlay and the IP-VPN underlay
  • 24/7 zero-outage operation for sites in Germany and, in future, in the European Union and worldwide
  • End-to-end management by a team of experts. Telekom SD-WAN management systems are located in-house at certified German data centers and in compliance with German privacy guidelines
  • Managed underlay network based on IntraSelect Fixed Connect: MPLS, Internet, Ethernet, and mobile communications
  • Central orchestration of SD-WAN and IP-VPN by a specialized team
  • Common ITIL operating processes for overlay and underlay infrastructure and services
  • SD-WAN technology provided by certificated technology partner, Cisco
  • Support of large international customers with bandwidths of up to 100 Gbit/s. Connections for thousands of locations and complex network designs.
  • Consultation available on all aspects of network design, migration, and operation
IntraSelect SD-WAN provides the full range of SD-WAN functionalities that have been rigorously tested and certified fit for service. T-Systems is constantly developing new functionality and has the resources to respond quickly to new customer requirements. The current available functions include:
  • Smart routing via hybrid networks: IntraSelect SD-WAN distributes data flows dynamically across the WAN according to the application and the network load. It has the capability to monitor and move traffic between the MPLS and Internet connections, thereby increasing the availability and performance of the hybrid network.
  • One-box design: Companies reduce their energy and operating costs by using just one device for WAN access. The Universal CPE (uCPE) combines the connectivity for SD-WAN, MPLS-VPN and Internet-VPN along with virtual network functions (VNFs) such as firewalls and WAN acceleration.
  • Interoperability with IntraSelect Fixed Connect: A dedicated gateway connects the old and new networks, enabling step-by-step migration.
  • Secure local Internet access: Local Internet gateways can be managed and monitored centrally. Companies can set new firewall rules at all applicable sites in real time at the push of a button. This is perfect for simple, secure, high-performance connection of public clouds.
  • Tried and tested migration process with the focus on a stable network operation (see chart).
  • Individual migration processes and procedures tailored to fit the customer’s individual requirements and network configuration.
  • Guaranteed interoperability between the SD-WAN and the existing MPLS network through the migration period.

InfographicIntraSelect SD-WAN: the integrated managed service for SD-WAN and IP-VPN

IntraSelect SD-WAN: The Integrated Managed Service for SD-WAN and IP-VPN

Managed SD-WAN instead of DIY WAN

Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs) are increasingly in demand. According to a Sapio Research study around 10 percent of globally active US and UK companies have already implemented their first SD-WAN project, and many others are in the starting blocks. By migrating to SD-WAN they aim to improve their IT security options, make better use of more available connectivity options to optimize their business, and to reduce their overall operating costs.

Trend toward cloud-based security and WAN acceleration

Once the decision to opt for SD-WAN has been made, CIOs and network professionals face the agony of choice. There are many contenders in the market. They include manufacturers like Cisco, Juniper, and Silver Peak that in part, market SD-WAN software and hardware directly to prospective customers. Companies then often have to implement and operate the solution themselves, however. They must also check which technology is the best match. According to analysts Frost & Sullivan around 60 percent of companies worldwide will base their decision to move to SD-WAN - on whether the SD-WAN provider offers cloud-based security services and WAN acceleration.
In contrast to the do-it-yourself concepts, pure SD-WAN providers offer the software-defined overlay as a managed service. The underlay network is not a part of the solution. This means that companies themselves are responsible for ensuring that their overlay and underlay networks harmonize with each other.  For example, if the SD-WAN monitoring reveals issues with the WAN connectivity, the company must raise this with the WAN provider for them to remediate the MPLS connection accordingly.

Managed service providers help choosing SD-WAN

Companies are mainly offered a comprehensive carefree package by global network operators such as T-Systems that supply SD-WAN as a fully managed service. In short, we take care of setting up, operating, and orchestrating the SD-WAN overlay and IP-VPN underlay networks. With T-Systems it is easy to move to IntraSelect SD-WAN even if you are with another provider. The migration has been proven many times over. First, we move you to the Smart SD-WAN overlay network and after this, we can then start to migrate the underlay network and move you into a fully managed SD-WAN environment.
According to a study by SDxCentral more than half of companies polled see the choice of SD-WAN provider and solution as the most serious challenge that the migration process would pose. “Combing through a multitude of providers is a major challenge,” the study’s authors conclude. “That is why we expect the SD-WAN market to develop in the direction of a managed model.”

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