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T-Systems is the leader for Microsoft Services

ISG Provider Lens™: Microsoft Ecosystem Germany 2020

Leading provider for the Microsoft ecosystem

The ISG provider Lens™ report Microsoft Ecosystem Germany 2020 has awarded T-Systems three leading positions. T-Systems is a leading provider of SAP on Azure services, the implementation of Office 365, and the integration of SharePoint solutions.

High flexibility in deployment

Badge ISG Provider Lens™ – Microsoft Ecosystem / SAP on Azure – Leader Germany 2020

ISG analysts rank T-Systems as one of the largest and most experienced providers of SAP on Azure Services on the German market. As a full service provider, T-Systems offers the integration of SAP on Microsoft Azure as a managed service from a single source. This gives companies maximum visibility over SAP workloads and billing. You can choose between different operating and billing models for SAP on Azure, such as Azure services under Microsoft partner agreements or BYOL models if you have concluded separate license agreements for Azure. These models can also be adapted at any time flexibly and without great effort if new projects in the companies require it.

Chart ISG Provider Lens™ – Microsoft Ecosystem / SAP on Azure – Germany 2020

The SAP on Azure portfolio is underpinned by the strategic partnership with Microsoft and extensive cloud expertise.

ISG 2020

Strong focus on compliance guidelines

Badge ISG Provider Lens™ – Microsoft Ecosystem / Office365 Integration – Leader Germany 2020

With more than 300 certified Office 365 experts, T-Systems is one of the leading providers on the German market according to ISG and can support companies with complex requirements that commission Workplace Services and Office 365 Integration separately. ISG analysts were also impressed by the extensive experience in implementing Office 365 in connection with the GDPR and industry-specific regulations in the German market. T-Systems’ experts place a strong focus on adherence with compliance guidelines.

In addition to consulting, design, implementation, and license management, T-Systems’ comprehensive service portfolio also includes migration to Intune and Teams and the provision of Office 365 API programming services. In addition, Microsoft Services users can choose between different delivery models: on-premises, private cloud, public cloud (Office 365), and hybrid scenarios as well as integration, orchestration, and optimization of license costs for office services.

Chart ISG Provider Lens™ – Microsoft Ecosystem / Office365 Integration – Germany 2020

Analyst paper ISG Provider Lens™

Microsoft Ecosystem, Germany 2020

SharePoint solutions for all types of requirements

Badge ISG Provider Lens™ – Microsoft Ecosystem / SharePoint Integration – Leader Germany 2020

T-Systems has also been able to position itself as one of the leading providers when it comes to integrating the SharePoint web application, and impressed the ISG analysts with its broad range of consulting services. T-Systems provides high flexibility of use thanks to various supply models for SharePoint solutions, which cover all types of requirements. Organizations can choose between on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid scenarios, including a dedicated SharePoint framework for SharePoint applications. The large team of experts, especially with regard to collaboration and SharePoint integration, can also realize extensive projects.

Chart ISG Provider Lens™ – Microsoft Ecosystem / SharePoint Integration – Germany 2020

Cloud solutions

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