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Leader for private/hybrid cloud

T-Systems is the leader according to the ISG Provider Lens™: Private/Hybrid Cloud Data Center Services & Solutions 2020 in Germany

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Leading supplier for managed services

T-Systems emerged victorious from the ISG provider Lens Private Cloud/Hybrid Cloud Data Center Services and Solutions in June 2020 with nine leading positions. The analysts see T-Systems as a leading provider, especially for managed services and managed hosting in Germany.

Expertise in the area of private and hybrid clouds confirmed


In June 2020 the analyst and consulting firm ISG (Information Services Group) published its Provider Lens “Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services & Solutions”. T-Systems was able to achieve the leader position in this benchmark in Germany and Switzerland for managed hosting and managed services. T-Systems also achieved two leader positions each in the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries and Switzerland. In Brazil, T-Systems achieved one leader position.

ISG Provider Lens™ – Analyst Report

Read now how ISG rates us in the report “Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services & Solutions, Germany 2020”.

T-Systems as a managed hosting expert


ISG analysts describe T-Systems as a “veteran” and expert for data centers, networks and outsourcing in the German market. The zero-outage strategy launched years ago, together with the twin-core data centers, has once again clearly influenced the market and set new standards for availability and security. Recent developments such as the Future Cloud Infrastructure, which is based on the VMware Cloud Foundation, provide even better scalability and optimized hosting – the foundation for cloud-native technologies. T-Systems operates the largest server farm for SAP customers in Germany. This strength in the SAP environment has been emphasized once again by the analysts and resulted in the top rating for competitive strength overall.

Customers of T-Systems experience innovations combined with security and connectivity as well as flexible contract and billing models based on a great deal of hosting options.

ISG 2020

Also successful internationally with managed hosting solutions


In Brazil, ISG also rated T-Systems a leader in managed hosting, describing it as the “perfect” choice for large companies which, in particular, require SAP managed hosting services. T-Systems also achieved the top position as leader in Switzerland and, according to ISG, delivers secure, high-performance managed hybrid cloud hosting solutions that are better than ever before. According to ISG, T-Systems is considered the leader for SME customers in the United Kingdom, above all because its extensive portfolio can cover all requirements, even the more complex ones. T-Systems’ managed hosting services also earned it a position as leader for SME customers in the Nordic countries.

Leader for managed services in Switzerland

As in the previous years, T-Systems achieved a position as leader for managed services in the large account segment in Switzerland. According to ISG, the ability of T-Systems to support legacy and mainframe landscapes and cloud-native architectures, even in hybrid constellations, highlights the strength of the service provider and its extensive portfolio. In particular, the analysts emphasized the innovative and future-proof cloud management infrastructure, which offers attractive conditions thanks to its high degree of automation.

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