Black Economic Empowerment

T-Systems embraces change

​​​​​​​As a multi-national company operating in South Africa, T-Systems South Africa has both the privilege and the responsibility to contribute to the development of our Country. T-Systems are recognised as more than just an innovator in the field of information communication technology.From its inception in South Africa, T-Systems set out to proactively participate in the transformation of this country, and the broader ICT industry, using its resources, influence and networks to create a sustainable economy for itself and those around it. As a multinational, it has always been T-Systems' view that effective empowerment is critical to business success in South Africa.
A six-point approach to transformation was developed and it is aligned to the ICT charter. This includes equity ownership, employment equity, skills development, preferential procurement, enterprise development and corporate social investment. In alignment with the ICT charter,T-Systems’ has strict internal procurement policies that promote equal spending opportunities with BEE suppliers. T-Systems has also made considerable strides in Supplier Development to facilitate the procurement strategy to create credible black owned SMME type companies and incorporate these into its value chain as an added benefit to its customers.
T-Systems South Africa is delighted to announce that it has achieved a level 2 Value Added B-BBEE rating for the period of Feb 2014 to Feb 2015. This was achieved by stringent and consistent measures in place to continuously drive tangible compliance. As an organisation T-Systems ascribes its recent success to the concerted effort of the management board in embracing good corporate citizenship which resulted in the unwinding of the ownership partnership with AA Bushveld. The current implemented structure focuses strongly on inclusive, accelerated transformation to enable nation building. The structure as such has been compartmentalized into two distinct broad-based participants comprising of an employee share appreciation scheme and a community trust. The employee share appreciation scheme takes the form of an ESOP reserving a stake of 10% participation by black males and a further 10% by black females employed by the local entity.
T-Systems South Africa has over a decade of strong history of creating ICT skills in the communities within which it renders business. Some of these skills initiatives are in the form of accredited programmes such as the ICT Academy and the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre. The T-Systemsmanagement board has seen it fitting to include community broad-based participation which includes among others these two successfully funded and managed community skills programmes. The allotted shareholding to the community trust is 10%. These changes equate to 30% broad based ownership participation aligned to the intent of promoting ethical corporate practices to preserve the company’s triple bottom line (i.e. people, profit & planet).
As a Level 2 Contributor, the BBBEE procurement recognition is 125% for companies that buy services from T-Systems. T-Systems is also recognised as a Value Adding Enterprise and customers can therefore count 156% of their total spend with T-Systems towards the Preferential Procurement BBBEE score of their own organisation.