Digital transportation management

Great potential for new value networks

  • Intelligent infrastructures for a faster flow of goods
  • Real-time analysis of comprehensive supply chain data
  • Overall platform provides a constantly updated situation picture
  • Better synchronization of dynamic logistics processes
  • Unbroken shipment tracking improves distribution planning and delivery reliability
  • Cost transparency by coupling logistics and finance systems
Rajan Padayachee

Head of Sales

Transportation Management

  • Optimized freight planning and processing
  • Efficient carrier and service provider management
  • Global charge management and accurate settlement
  • Integrated logistics with Order2Cash & Procure2Pay
  • Paperless processes, streamlined operations
  • Reduction of freight costs
  • SAP Transportation Management
  • SAP TM Rapid Deployment Solution
  • SAP TM cloud based evalutation system
  • TelematicOne integration of real time traffic data
  • SAP Logistics (e.g. EWM) and ERP integration
  • Transparency, flexibility and scalability of transports
  • Calculation of reliable and cost-optimized transportation plans
  • Integration of financials with industry-leading transportation management processes
  • Improvement of the overall logistics performance