Supervisory Board

The supervisory board of T-Systems acts as control committee of the directors and ensures that the interests of employees and shareholders are preserved.

Dr. Christian P. Illek

Dr. Christian P. Illek

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of T-Systems International GmbH

Shareholder representatives


Dr. Christian P. Illek

Board Member for Finance, Deutsche Telekom AG (Chairman)

Dr. Axel Lützner

Vice President, Anorganic Changes of Structure, Group Headquarters Legal, Deutsche Telekom AG

Manuela Mackert

Head of Group Compliance Management, Deutsche Telekom AG

Dr. Guillaume Maisondieu

Head of Group Accounting & Customer Finance, Deutsche Telekom AG

Claudia Nemat

Board Member for Technology and Innovation, Deutsche Telekom AG

Kyra Orth

Senior Vice President Top Executive Management, Deutsche Telekom AG

Employee representatives


Herbert Comanns

Chairman of the Central Works Council, T-Systems International GmbH, Bonn

Tim Feise

Union Secretary, ver.di, Bremen (Deputy-Chairman)

Jürgen Kriependorf

Member of the Central Works Council, T-Systems Mitte-Südost, Magdeburg

Susanne Kruse

Member of the Central Works Council, T-Systems Süd-West, Saarbrücken

Rebecca Munko

Union Secretary, ver.di, Berlin

Leopold Piller

Complex Deal Management, T-Systems International GmbH, Munich

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