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Pradeep Kumar Jain

Start up! – Program

Pradeep Kumar Jain came to Germany from his native India after his studies - and decided to stay. Having completed his master's in Communication & Media Engineering in Offenburg, he joined Telekom as a Start up! employee.
Portrait of Marion Bernhard-Winter, Lead Recruiter Group Headquarters and trainee program Start up!
Marion Bernhard-Winter

Lead Recruiter Group Headquarters and trainee program Start up!

Pradeep Kumar Jain
Pradeep Kumar Jain from India is delighted that his Telekom colleagues come from all over the world.
What sets the Start up program apart from other trainee programs at other companies?
Before I joined Telekom, I thought the only advantage of the Start up! program would be the freedom to choose the individual stations yourself. However, now I know there are so many more differences - for example, we actively contribute to group-wide strategic projects, and take on a lot of responsibility. That's why every Start up! employee gets a mentor and a supervisor, who are on hand to answer questions and provide feedback.
We also each have an individual training budget, which can be spent in line with our own requirements. For example, I've already taken part in teamwork training and a creativity workshop. And what has really impressed me is that the Start up! program offers you ideal opportunities to build up your network.
With the other Start up! employees too?
Of course, we discuss our work and our experiences. And there are plenty of group activities. The 'fireside chats', for example, give us the opportunity to talk to top Telekom managers in relaxed surroundings. We welcome new program members at the "NewS Up!" event. And, once a year, we support a welfare organization on our "Social Day". But those are really only a few examples.
Where are you currently working?
I'm currently on my second project assignment, in the Business Development Management department. Our team is responsible for strategic partnerships for cloud services. I draft analyses and evaluations of potential competitors in the industry that are also able to offer cloud services.
My first project assignment was in the Strategy Governance & International department at T-Systems head office in Frankfurt. I worked on the "Save 4 Service" project. To be honest, I was surprised that I was allowed to be involved in such an important and complex international project on my very first assignment. My job was to monitor the activities of 22 T-Systems Local Business Units worldwide. I'm proud to have mastered many challenges there and made my contribution to the company now saving money through the Save 4 Service program.
What do you need to be a Start up! employee?
I can sum it up in one word: you need to be SMART - a Self Motivated Ambitious fully eneRgized Team player!
One last question: what inspires you?
Love. And the dream of someday having my own company.

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