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Consulting workshops about the Google Cloud Platform

Implement workflows and production processes more efficiently in the Google Cloud Platform

Flexible and scalable IT resources from the cloud

Being able to access flexible and scalable IT resources economically and reliably is crucial, especially in times of crisis. With our consulting packages, we introduce you to the world of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and optimize your existing cloud infrastructure.

Free consulting workshop¹

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Regardless of whether you are already using the Google Cloud Platform or are looking to experience GCP for the first time. We bring the best out of your business and show you where technical, professional, and security-related "stumbling blocks" lie in waiting. Our experts know how the Google Cloud Platform and other cloud services can best meet your individual requirements and take an holistic view of your IT systems: from architecture to security and operation. In this way acute bottlenecks, risks, and costs can be reduced.

"Save & Optimize" or "Getting Ready" 

If you already are using resources of the Google Cloud Platform, we will work out your potential for more efficient workflows and production processes in a free "Save & Optimize" consulting workshop. This allows irregularities to be detected at an early stage and countermeasures can be initiated promptly.

Do you want to use GCP services, but don’t know how to use them best? Or which provider best meets your requirements? Then choose our "Getting Ready" consulting package. To help you get started, you will receive an individual potential and risk analysis with a final assessment from our cloud experts. This way, you can use the optimal and tailor-made services of the Google Cloud right from the start and relieve pressure on your resources. 

Google Partner for the GCP

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As a Google Cloud Premium Partner, T-Systems has certified expertise in GCP. We combine this with our extensive cloud expertise in building and operating public, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructures and on-premise landscapes. With its comprehensive partner ecosystem and many years of cloud expertise, T-Systems is able to examine the architecture, security, and operation of an IT infrastructure in its entirety, ask the right questions, provide orientation, and make recommendations across all industries.

Advantages of the Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure are the major hyperscalers for public cloud services. The cloud services range from traditional Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings to tools for developers (Platform-as-a-Service, PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The infrastructure of the Google Cloud Platform is used by Google itself for offerings such as Google Search and YouTube. Via the platform, the user can now access a huge range of services. These include services such as computing, storage, networks, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. With GCP, complex infrastructures can be digitized and simple applications can be created efficiently and operated without great effort. With GCP, you benefit from effective cost savings, high scalability, and maximum flexibility.

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