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Hybrid Cloud Container Services

Great flexibility thanks to managed container services for multi and hybrid cloud structures

Platform-independent container services

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Save costs by utilising the Hybrid Cloud Container Services (HCCS) open-source solution. Developing applications in containers brings the flexibility to deploy and operate them on public and private cloud platforms. This is underlined by certification awarded by Kubernetes and T-Systems being silver members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Pricing model

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Reduce complexity and shorten application deployment time

Having your own hardware and software infrastructure for containers is both time-consuming and expensive. With Hybrid Cloud Container Services from T-Systems, companies and developers can use all the necessary container solutions, e.g. for microservices, on a container platform on an ad-hoc basis. Applications or workloads can be distributed across multiple container clusters instead of running them on individual virtual servers, and the containers can be deployed very quickly using images with just a few lines of code. New application versions are, therefore, ready for use much faster than when using VMs. This speeds up the deployment of new software versions, and is highly effective.

Benefits of container virtualization

Improved portability

By deploying services or storing data in containers, you can move them more easily into the public or private cloud.

Improved workload automation

Container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes help automate the delivery of containerized applications across the entire hybrid architecture.

Improved resilience

Container clustering makes it easier for administrators to scale container systems while increasing their resilience.

Native development in the cloud

When developing, testing, and deploying applications in containers, the environment remains the same regardless of where the application is stored, making it a perfect native cloud-ready solution.

Suitable for multi-cloud strategies

Portability is beneficial when you want to test applications on multiple cloud computing platforms.

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