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Mobile communication with security

Employees today want to be mobile, to work whenever and wherever they want. T-Systems offers E2E solutions for automated processes

How messaging works within a company

End-to-end encryption (E2E) in message transmission is becoming increasingly important within many companies. As the recipients of business-critical information increasingly communicate using mobile devices, it’s critical to ensure they are securely linked, both to each other and to other endpoints, such as PCs. We manage and operate organized mobile enterprise services (MES) for companies. The solution is called Unified Endpoint Management.

Networked devices – encrypted messages

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The increasing use of mobile messenger programs by both companies and public authorities is presenting IT managers with new challenges. How can we protect sensitive data and provide encrypted messaging? How do we deal with ever-increasing security and data protection requirements? How do we retain control of end-to-end encryption and ensure we meet compliance rules?

Here T-Systems has just the right mobile messenger, with the secure enterprise messaging app NetSfere. It provides answers to these questions and can be used in a variety of ways to guarantee end-to-end encryption.

In the era of the Internet of Things, the need for secure messenger solutions for message encryption is growing along with the number of end devices. These must be networked with each other if a company’s efficiency is to be effectively increased. Enterprise Mobility Management makes this possible. T-Systems’ EMM Suite is no longer focused exclusively on hardware. It now also integrates operating systems and data streams. The focus is therefore no longer on the end device, but on the user.

But it also shines a spotlight on Unified Endpoint Management. UEM goes one step further and interlinks other endpoints – such as PCs – with mobile end devices including wearables, smartphones, and tablets. Workspace ONE’s UEM solution can be extended as required to include, for example, interfaces, virus protection, and tools for support and analysis. This also includes device lifecycle management.

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