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Build a foundation with Managed Services on AWS

Transform your applications in the cloud and manage it efficiently with the expertise of AWS Premier Partner T-Systems

Accelerate your cloud journey with T-Systems and AWS

There is no better time than now to get on the cloud. Simplify your IT operations by shifting your environment on Amazon Web Services. Our foundation credit enables you to make a fast start into the AWS cloud. Use AWS resources and T-Systems‘ Managed Cloud Services “Foundation” for three months and get comfortable on cloud in minutes. Our team will provide you with onboarding support via web conference. With Managed Services on AWS, you can gain operational flexibility, enhanced security and compliance as well as crucial cost-savings.

What does the AWS Quick Start package include?

  • We will support your IT staff in using AWS quickly. T-Systems will implement a security and compliance framework that secures your account so that you can concentrate on your applications.
  • We will relieve your company by enabling you to outsource and scale workloads to AWS and providing a starter credit balance.
  • We will go through your account requirements and set them up for you so that you can get started quickly with AWS. Up to one day of consulting for onboarding on AWS via web conference.

How you can benefit:

  • The package includes set-up, monitoring and AWS usage (up to €2,000 per month) for 3 months and helps you concentrate on the essentials – stable “remote IT operation”.
  • Operation of IT as “Managed Service Foundation” which includes protection of your AWS account with a security and compliance framework implemented by our industry experts.

Download flyer document to read the offer terms & conditions.

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