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New Work – journey into the world of Work 4.0

Help your employees meet the challenges of digitalization

Fit for the future of work

Digitalization is fundamentally changing the entire world of work. Working from anywhere, exchanging data and knowledge at any time, meeting in virtual rooms, while using cloud solutions and modern communication tools – this is how tomorrow's working world looks. In order to work in an agile and efficient way, processes in companies need to transformation. Now is the time to start engaging in New Work, with the goal of promoting collaboration and communication among employees.

T-Systems offers support for Company Rebuilding

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In the new world of work, it is necessary to establish agile workflows, communicate virtually and think digitally so as to establish new business models and to adapt to changing customer needs. To achieve this, companies must transform their organizational structures: Data and knowledge must be available anytime, anywhere. Team members must react quickly and flexibly to new tasks and be able to interact with colleagues. This works best in well-orchestrated, lean teams.  This is also why the new, open working environment is characterized by small, agile units. It doesn't have to happen overnight for this to be achieved. However, it is necessary to have a step-by-step change in culture, working processes, hierarchies and the structures as well as the implementation of flexible workplaces. We have already successfully implemented the Company Rebuilding approach at T-Systems within Detecon and are also supporting our customers in this endeavor.

Tried-and-tested concept for New Work

We have developed a holistic, strategic approach for New Work concepts from the successfully implemented transformation projects for our customers and internally in-house. It comprises four dimensions: People, places, tools and principles & regulations. The specific measures which result from this for the direction of the working environment is something we work on together with you – tailored individually to your requirements.

Together with our partners Detecon and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, we offer you the following services:

  • New Work readiness check – With you, we analyze the status quo and initiatives already in place
  • Needs analysis and evaluation – Creating, devising and evaluating analyses and measures, creating use cases and personas
  • Change and communication measures – devising, managing and implementing
  • Workplace design – devising room layouts, recommendations on IT and communications technology, creating and negotiating sample works agreements
  • Changeover and implementation of a New Work concept – project and organizational management, inclusion of all involved, drawing up and negotiating works agreements with management and labor

We look forward to your project!

We are happy to provide you with the right experts and to answer your questions about planning, implementation, and maintenance for your digitization plans. Get in touch!

New Work: my journey into the new world of work

New working concepts such as New Work mean stepping out of our comfort zone – and perhaps our much-loved private office. Exchange instead of silo, a culture of trust instead of presence, and the support of digital tools for virtual collaboration are the pillars of the working world of the future. Marc Wagner, Member of the Global Management Team at Detecon on overcoming perceived resistance.

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Our digital world of work has many advantages. But there are also hurdles to overcome to successfully establish New Work. We keep you up to date with the latest information.