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Encourage growth with SAP resilience offerings

How companies can strengthen themselves now for the future and remain innovative and competitive

Optimize your SAP roadmap together with T-Systems

T-Systems analyzes your company's IT landscape and develops an appropriate strategic roadmap on the way to becoming an intelligent company. Existing plans are of course included in this process. This allows you to implement projects faster and make optimal use of your budget. Hybrid and customized cloud models help reduce costs and complexity and provide the ideal platform for innovation.

T-Systems SAP roadmap optimization at a glance:

  • We analyze your individual requirements and develop your SAP roadmap based on best-of-breed analysis tools
  • We take innovative transformation methods such as brown, blue, and green field methods into account
  • Save 30% in combination with the SAP digitization package from

SAP® solutions for applications such as IoT, blockchain, and machine learning

Digitization should not be allowed to fall by the wayside, even in uncertain times. That's why we offer a risk-free transition to the digital world with SAP solutions. Now you can take advantage of new opportunities and possibilities with IoT, blockchain, machine learning, big data, and data intelligence. We connect your SAP backend with innovative technologies for sustainable market success.

T-Systems digitization of SAP® – solutions at a glance:

  • We take your expectations and processes one hundred percent into consideration
  • Benefit from efficient, SAP-certified process models
  • Clever combinations: Save 30% in combination with SAP roadmap optimization

Discover out-of-the-box SAP business processes

T-Systems offers SAP S/4HANA® on the public cloud for testing and demonstration purposes, enabling users to try out opportunities for process optimization and digitalization and test typical SAP S/4HANA® scenarios. The test package includes provision and operation on a public cloud which you provide for 90 days – whether Open Telekom Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services. You will receive an SAP S/4HANA® trial including licenses for 3 months without a contractual obligation.

T-Systems Jump Start edition for SAP S/4HANA® at a glance:

  • Kick-off workshop
  • Structure of the Jump Start system
  • Sandbox or demo system with best practices in a maximum of 5 days
  • Evaluation of the results, development of your future mode of operation, and creation of an individual roadmap
  • Operation of the SAP S/4HANA® Jump Start system for one to three months

Best-in-class consulting on SAP S/4HANA®: how to make the migration successful

Experienced and responsible partners like T-Systems support companies on the path to the digital age with end-to-end expertise – and most importantly, they do so at the right speed.  T-Systems' comprehensive end-to-end SAP transformation packages combine the best modular solutions for design, transformation, and operation. There is no safer way on the market to prepare your business for tomorrow's challenges in a robust and agile way while at the same time implementing digital innovations.

T-Systems SAP/HANA® Readiness Assessment at a glance:

  • Individual requirements analysis and optimized process methodology
  • Best-of-breed transformation packages, e.g. based on SNP's unique BluefieldTM approach (SNP Crystal Bridge®)
  • Predictable, affordable project costs
  • Low project risk
  • Top-quality, highly precise results
  • Shorter project durations
  • Platform operating and database models tailored to requirements 

Provision of SAP solutions in a public cloud with just a few mouse clicks

Boost performance, test systems, set up a project, start training and switch on turbo data with SAP HANA® – this is what awaits you. With T-Systems, you can use SAP applications easily and flexibly at any time and pay as you go according to your monthly usage. Try SAP HANA® and the latest SAP S/4HANA® software or use it as a perfect supplement for short-term requirements. Selected SAP applications are available as fully defined application templates in the Self-Service Portal – complete setups instead of individual building blocks. The pre-defined services are provided on a high-performance SAP-certified IaaS solution in the public cloud.

T-Systems Public Cloud for SAP Solutions Enterprise Edition at a glance:

  • Get started with the Jump Start edition and a proof of concept for EUR 6,690
  • Switch to the fully managed Enterprise edition with service levels after the test period and save EUR 2,150 in setup fees
  • Then keep saving for three more years with a monthly discount of 5 percent on the managed service fees

Resilience for your SAP systems

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