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Digital travel: rail and local public transit

Experience digitalization of infrastructure and vehicle operation – supported by our 360° solutions 

Smart Transport Suite – intelligent, complete, and to meet demand

Take the opportunity to fully digitalize the management of your local public transit system. Right across all processes. Fulfill the requirements of a future-proof operation – with high cost-efficiency and a modern passenger experience. The T-Systems Smart Transport Suite offers modules that are coordinated with one another, and that can be used individually or together. Individually tailored to your local public transit requirements. The suite contains the following modules: planning & scheduling, operational management, ticketing, analysis and optimization, radio control center, dynamic passenger information, and e-charging management.

Forecasting machine (“Prognoseautomat”) – take the train without the stress

Unexpected events can cause delayed trains. But the stress associated with getting connections and finding alternative travel options can be avoided for both passengers and rail operators. The forecasting machine (“Prognoseautomat”) calculates the arrival and departure times of trains 90 minutes in advance, and updates them every minute. Machine learning and artificial intelligence work together in automated forecasting. Data from a range of sources are used in the calculations. The result? A previously unattainable of level of accuracy.

Deutsche Bahn and T-Systems achieve up-to-the-minute journey forecasts

Previously, identified delays were rigidly rolled forward to all other stations along the journey without taking account of other factors. But these days, the forecasting machine (“Prognoseautomat”) makes it possible to make up-to-the-minute dynamic adjustments to forecasts based on actual influences. In the short video, discover the forecasting machine (“Prognoseautomat”) and how the automated real-time forecast works across the entire train journey.

White paper: Forecasting machine (“Prognoseautomat”) – Leverage AI in transport to make accurate predictions

Calculate arrival and departure times using current data and data from previous train journeys.

The digital train station – gain a lot with a few expansions

Travel, stopping for a bite to eat, shopping. Different needs are encountered in train stations. Larger volumes of passengers on existing areas need to be balanced with a relaxing stopover. Our set of manageable expansions to the existing technology, such as cameras, IT-based object recognition, and WiFi access adjusts several parameters at once. It is possible to minimize the facility management costs, optimize space management, and allow passenger routes to be managed more effectively. They effortlessly guarantee service, safety, cleanliness, and seamless processes.

Intelligent train stations of the future

A digital train station gathers and analyzes data in real time, enables dynamic passenger information, and steers processes in an intelligent manner.

ITCS – fewer delays, guaranteed connections, happy customers

The Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) functions as a connected, central intelligence in the cloud. Several public transport companies can use this system at once. First of all, the connected solution records all movements of buses and trains in real time. Then the alignment takes place: timetable information, current traffic conditions, status notifications of modes of transport.  Based on this alignment, a forecast calculation is made for when the vehicles will depart. Passengers receive this and all other important information dynamically via an app or on display boards along the route. Next step? Combining with e-ticketing which makes journeys even easier and more convenient for passengers.

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IT solutions for rail and local public transit

Turnkey, integrated operation control systems or digital train stations – also from the cloud: We are happy to inform you about digital solutions for rail and local public transit. Our experts show you which IT solutions will help you master your challenges.

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