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AI, analytics, and IoT

Experts from Intel, IDC, and T-Systems will teach you how to use AI, analytics, and IoT to your advantage

Leverage the true potential of IoT with AI

The internet of things continues to be one of the technology trends par excellence. Under the buzzword “smartification”, more and more everyday objects, machines, and digital devices are becoming just that: smart. This is all thanks to ongoing networking and sensor technology. Whether in the stores of large production halls, in modern parking guidance systems, or at home in the living room – IoT has long since begun its triumphal march. But it is only with artificial intelligence that the full potential of the IoT can be leveraged.

Optimize and scale your AIoT landscape

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AI makes it possible to analyze IoT data based on past decisions, thereby predicting future events, and improving the performance of devices in the long term. “AIoT”, or the internet of things enriched with AI algorithms, applies to a wide range of industries and business scenarios. The financial sector, industry, transportation, retail, and the health industry are already benefitting from its real-time decisions. But how can these industries optimize and scale their AIoT landscape? Our experts will provide you with the answer in the recording of the webinar “How AI and analytics are revolutionizing IoT developments”.

The webinar recording awaits you!

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