Adel Al-Saleh, CEO T-Systems

Trusted performance means higher performance

Adel Al-Saleh, Head of T-Systems Deutsche Telekom AG and CEO von T-Systems

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Digitization topics on the agenda at every company include 5G, the Cloud, AI and Blockchain. Organizations are under pressure to drive the impact of these technologies to remain competitive, and even to become disruptive forces in their industry.

Our brand promise “Let’s power higher performance” underlines how we bring together the system to deliver digitization value. Technologies are not addressed independently but collectively and interdependently to achieve optimal impact. The Deutsche Telekom family combines partners such as SAP, Salesforce, AWS, VMWare, Cisco and Microsoft, plus start-ups and a broad digital partner ecosystem. We bring together future and existing environments and best-in-class technologies. And we push the boundaries to lay the foundation for simple processes and trusted relationships, paving the way for efficient growth management. We ensure reliable connectivity, flexible cloud and infrastructure solutions, and security by design that protects data and processes across enterprises. When these building blocks connect, organizations can achieve sustainable digital transformation, across the entire value chain.

The case studies in this issue of Best Practice illustrate the immediate, visible business impact of our philosophy. These examples were made possible with this systemic and integrated approach, designed to protect and nurture the most important business assets.

In other words, only with the “T” can connectivity, digitization, the cloud, infrastructure and security work seamlessly. Only those who can close this gap with the right partnerships can become experts in all the key pillars of digitization. This is another reason why we see it as our role to sharpen our clients’ and our industry’s holistic view of information technology and telecommunications. We don’t just look at individual parts, but we consider all systems and processes as a whole. Because higher performance is based on “TrusTed” performance.

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Adel Al-Saleh

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