Guardian of the Tried and True, Master of New Horizons, and Magician of Disruption.

Master of the clouds

What type of a Digital Hero are you? Know more about the fun T-Systems personality test in this article.

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It’s easier to participate in a discussion when your knowledge of the topic is of a level similar to everyone else’s. A T-Systems Personality Check is a fun way of determining how things stand – in technical discussions about clouds, for instance.

Yes! I am a Magician of Disruption! I used to only be an expert in this, that and the other. Going from expert to magician is a pretty big jump up the career ladder in my book. It sounds great – and has a lot of practical value too. If I say, “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Martin Reti, Magician of Disruption. Where are you at in the cloud world?” the next time I meet someone, I will literally be able to feel the other person gasping in awe. Or rolling their eyes. It’s actually a shame I can’t whip out a Hogwarts certificate at that point. Maybe that’s a potential market niche or idea for a new cloud business?

How am I able to claim such a status? You can go ahead and ask questions. Or, better still, T-Systems can do the asking. I recently came across the Digital Hero Check. Now I’m not really the type to take personality tests, but I did invest 10 minutes of my time and enjoyed clicking through the 20 questions. Suddenly, I was a cloud magician. And a disruptive magician, at that!

Fun – but with a serious basis

It’s a typical gamification theme that’s gaining ground in more than just marketing. But this gamification serves as more than just a diversion or amusement. Every cloud discussion eventually reaches the point where decisions need to be made. And how these turn out isn’t just a matter of sovereignty, service levels, scalability, reliability, costs, etc.; the other person’s personality also plays a part. It’s a little like financial investments involving extremes: high risk, great potential rewards vs. conservative investment and secure return.

The cloud similarly offers a number of possibilities – and the best cloud strategy needs to fit not only the company, but also the people doing the work. After all, you want to feel comfortable with your cloud decision, right?

If a cloud discussion isn’t progressing, it may be helpful to take a look at the cloud personality. If the “Magician” is dealing with a “Guardian of the Tried and True,” then there’s no wonder they aren’t able to reach a consensus. If you know the kind of person you’re dealing with, however, the discussion will reach productive ground more quickly, and the path to finding the right solution becomes easier
and less nerve-racking.

So take the test. You might even learn something about yourself while you’re at it. But, if nothing else, you’ll end up with a cool new title. I’m taking a look to see if I can find other similar tests. Hero of the IoT Universe, Wizard of the Big Data Sphere or at least Keeper of the Seven IT Keys would look pretty good on my business card.

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