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The improvement of the aviation management enhances the processes for airport staff and customers. This increases the efficiency of the information management, and hence the passenger satisfaction. Find out more
Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bezirksverband Schwaben e.V. All-IP readiness is the basis of a future-proof communications infrastructure combined with innovative functionalities for the 19 retirement homes. Find out more
CEM is a win-win solution for the Audi Center Stuttgart and its customers, providing better information and higher completion rates as well as greater transparency and more customer satisfaction. Find out more
An intranet that helps fight crime. POLIZEI-ONLINE is a central information hub for some 32,000 Baden-Württemberg Police Department staff. Find out more
Optimized customer service. With Teamwire, BARMER employees can send messages and data as easily and effectively as with “WhatsApp” but as securely as in Fort Knox. Find out more
Powerful intranet for Berlin police. POLIKS is a central case and information management system, with powerful search and research functionality. Find out more
Coachimo uses cloud hosting for its web applications. But the company felt a European provider could better meet the data protection needs of its customers, so they decided for the Open Telekom Cloud. Find out more
FIDS: information is all around. With the Flight Information Display System FIDS the Cologne Bonn Airport trusts in a cutting-edge display and information system with nostalgic charm. Find out more
First class airport operations. Cologne Bonn Airport implements the flexible Flight, Airport and Resource Management System from T-Systems to meet the new and future requirements. Find out more