Braunschweiger Zuführtechnik.
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"The Connected Things Hub from T-Systems allows us to detect when a
machine part is about to fail. This is a major competitive advantage for us. Maintenance measures can be initiated in good time and appropriate parts can be ordered without having them permanently in stock. This allows us to fix faults before they affect production."
Claas Curland, Managing Director of Braunschweiger Zuführtechnik

Reliability and new business models

Breakdown is and remains the worst case scenario in manufacturing companies. When belts come to a standstill, the costs quickly rise to several million euros. Repairs and spare parts make up only part of these costs – additional night or weekend surcharges are often incurred to limit damage, and there are also consequential costs due to delayed completion of products, potential quality defects and possible damage to downstream machinery. Braunschweiger Zuführtechnik, manufacturer of special-purpose machines for many renowned automobile manufacturers and numerous other industries, is tackling this challenge innovatively: IoT helps to monitor all equipment provided by the company and also offers new opportunities to expand its business.

Preventing damage with sensors and IoT platform

The owner-managed special-purpose machine manufacturer entrusted Telekom with creating an ecosystem, one in which the highly-specialized medium-sized company could monitor all its systems at all times. This is made possible by sensors that record all relevant data from each machine and transmit it to the T-Systems IoT platform via edge computing devices. With the help of clearly-laid-out dashboards, the company can continuously monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, wear and tear as well as many others and, in the event of deviations, take the necessary action immediately before a failure occurs. T-Systems' Connected Things Hub was developed together with Axonize, a partner of Deutsche Telekom. As a software-as-a-service solution, it is accessible from any end device and receives sensor information, e.g. via mobile network, NB-IoT, wired or via Bluetooth. With this innovative approach, Braunschweiger Zuführtechnik benefits from the combination of its own machine know-how and Telekom's technological expertise.

Internal knowledge building and new business models

The courage to innovate pays off: Thanks to continuous monitoring and intelligent evaluation of machine information, the organization can now offer guaranteed availability as a new, extremely important service for customers in addition to actual systems. However, the medium-sized company's ambitions don't stop at this pilot project. It is also establishing its own department for sensors, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and analytics in order to pool and further develop knowledge internally. The special-purpose machine manufacturer intends to use this for its own future projects. However, it can also conceive of opening a new line of business and offering consulting services in the area of IoT – with Deutsche Telekom as partner and operator of the corresponding platform.

Details about the reference Braunschweiger Zuführtechnik

  • Braunschweiger Zuführtechnik GmbH is a renowned, medium-sized special-purpose machine manufacturer
  • For almost 30 years, the company has been advancing further development, particularly in the field of feeding technology, with its skills, knowledge and passion for work
  • It focuses on outstanding quality, taking account of individual equipment specifications in various production areas, such as optical measuring and testing systems, sorting machines, elevators, conveyor belts and special-purpose machine manufacturing
  • Perfect automation and improvement of production processes as well as permanent customer contact are the most important contents of the company
  • Braunschweiger Zuführtechnik supports its customers with tailor-made solutions: from the initial contact, to the design and manufacture, all the way to the successful commissioning and subsequent maintenance of the systems
  • Avoiding breakdowns of special-purpose machines
  • Evaluation of systems to ensure early detection of potential difficulties and initiation of timely countermeasures
  • Guiding the company in an innovative way with regard to IoT topics and development of its own expertise in sensors, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, analytics and other technologies
  • Equipping special-purpose machines and systems with sensors for continuous acquisition of status data
  • Implementation of the Connected Things Hub as a central information platform on which millions of pieces of sensor data are collected, evaluated and further distributed
  • Cloud-based IoT platform based on Microsoft Azure with open, standardized interfaces and maximum scalability
  • Possibility of simple and flexible integration into existing IT systems and connection of any end devices, such as RFID chips, smartphones, industrial IoT boxes or Raspberry Pis
  • Support of Bluetooth, the Industry 4.0 protocol OPC-UA and Industrial Ethernet as well as Telekom’s mobile radio networks and machine and sensor network (short: NB-IoT)
  • Use of newly acquired data to monitor the machines and to implement predictive maintenance measures
  • Avoidance of machine failures that cause production stoppages and can result in damage of several million euros
  • Detailed insight into the status of each individual system for monitoring and analysis of the status
  • Presentation of the results on a clear dashboard that only presents the details that are of interest to the respective user
  • Compliance with high IT security standards and the EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Foundation for new business models and growing turnover, e.g. by selling reliability as a service or consulting to other companies in the field of sensors, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, analytics etc.
T-Systems International GmbH

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