"With the ‘Salesforce Sales Cloud’ and together with our strategic partner T-Systems, we have reached our first important milestone to lead CORPUS SIREO into the digital era."
Ralph Günther, formerly CEO, CORPUS SIREO Holding GmbH

CORPUS SIREO: Greater customer proximity and faster response, thanks to Sales Cloud’s role as a centralized CRM solution

With the implementation of Salesforce.com, CORPUS SIREO is on the right track to digitization. Optimization of customer relationships is seen as a highly sensitive asset and, in addition to significant enhancements in flexibility and efficiency, is given top priority.
CORPUS SIREO clients should perceive their interaction with CORPUS SIREO as an outstanding experience. This mainly also includes, in addition to a personalized client retention strategy, an extremely prompt response to any concerns and the capability to provide immediate and accurate information anytime, anywhere. The five different CRM systems hitherto in use are therefore to be replaced by a state-of-the-art, centralized cloud solution. T-Systems will implement the Salesforce Sales Cloud with the first two modules, namely contact management and the acquisition tool with a higher-level reporting system. Operations are carried out at T-Systems’ high-security data center in Frankfurt. CORPUS SIREO will use the platform for automating further processes, primarily however for the comprehensive development of an agile and flexible cloud-based system for the real estate company of the future. In a strategic partnership with T-Systems and Telekom Deutschland, a collaboration agreement was finalized for establishing a marketing concept with the intention of exploring suitable sales channels.

At a glance

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud from T-Systems’ secure Cloud
  • New contact management and acquisition tool for all employees
  • Comprehensive reporting for quick real-time analysis
  • Mobile access to the central CRM system – anytime, anywhere
  • Implementation of standard and industry-specific features
  • Digitization of all CRM processes from customer care to finalization of agreements
  • Greater efficiency and reduced workload thanks to the reduction of manual tasks
  • Improved collaboration efficiency
  • Potential for increasing sales, as a greater number of projects can be implemented successfully at the same time
  • Greater customer contact, faster response time when dealing with customer queries
  • Potential for collaborative business models between CORPUS SIREO and T-Systems by exploiting synergies
  • Prospect of expanding the platform across the entire CORPUS SIREO process landscape, in particular with the aim of automating real estate-specific processes across the entire value chain
  • Strategic, exclusive partnership between T-Systems and CORPUS SIREO for marketing activities for the innovative “real estate CRM system”

More about CORPUS SIREO reference

  • The CORPUS SIREO group manages real estate worth around EUR 16.3 billion throughout Europe for companies, insurers and banks
  • The company has just under 570 employees at 11 locations
  • The international insurance group Swiss Life acquired CORPUS SIREO, the leading independent real estate asset management service provider in Germany, in 2014
  • Service areas are investment consultancy and lease management, new leases and subsequent lettings, as well as acquisitions and sales
  • Long response times for customer interaction reduce efficiency and the quality of service
  • Operation of five obsolete, heterogeneous and independent CRM systems
  • Decentralized contact management
  • Inadequate mobile access to customer data
  • Contact management in MS Outlook without integration of Exchange
  • High costs of manual processing involved in the management of accounts, contacts and acquisitions/sales
  • Innovation consulting from T-Systems' Digital Division
  • Replacing the five CRM systems with the Salesforce Sales Cloud as a centralized CRM solution
  • Implementation of the modules account and contact management and acquisition tool with higher-level reporting
  • Implementation of additional tools such as "Salesforce for Outlook", mobile app and business card scanner 
  • Implementation, migration and operation by T-Systems in T-Systems' high-security data center in Frankfurt
  • Transparency: Centralized, homogeneous cloud solution allows 360-degree view of all account and customer information in real-time
  • Speed: Reduced response times for acquisition/sales activities, deals are finalized quicker
  • Revenue: More leads can simultaneously be converted to successful deals
  • Expense: Increased productivity by eliminating several manual tasks
  • Mobilization: Access to all CRM data anytime, anywhere
T-Systems International GmbH

“Partnership at its best.”
Friederike Buchheister, CIO of asset management company CORPUS SIREO, and Sebastian Soloschenko, Account Manager at T-Systems, about multi-vendor vs. single provider strategies (Best Practice 1/2017).


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