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Jenoptik: Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions

The SAP system at the Jenoptik photonics group faces various challenges including globally distributed sites, a number of sensitive products and a high level of market dynamism. In addition, acquisitions give rise to operational enhancements that need to be quickly integrated into the system. With the transition of Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions to the latest platform release, which includes SAP HANA® support, T-Systems provides the best conditions for dynamic growth combined with a high technical level of innovation. One of the key contributing factors to the contract extension was T-Systems’ consistent individual and highly professional support, even for the most complex challenges. In addition, Jenoptik values the platform functions gained, such as support for SAP-ASE and HANA® databases, IPv6 support and new disaster recovery functions, such as synchronous mirroring of data in two data centers. 


  • Continuation of the existing contract for Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions
  • Providing of 87,680 SAPS
  • Increasing of availability from 98 % to 99.7 %
  • Individual and personal support
  • Proof of Concept for SAP HANA® with test from Simple Finance for SAP FI/CO system
  • Establishing of an innovation partnership between Jenoptik and T-Systems

More about Jenoptik reference

  • Leading global photonics company with 3,500 employees
  • Presence in more than 80 countries
  • The foundation of the business is optical technologies in three segments: Optics & Life Science, Automotive and Defense & Civil Systems
  • Key growth factors: internationalization, orientation towards markets and megatrends, and acquisitions
  • Transfer of SAP outsourcing contract to T-Systems in 2013
  • Stronger positioning for an ERP consolidation project for Jenoptik
  • Monthly management and elimination of the SAP capacities
  • 2015: consolidation of SAP services for contract extension
  • Use of the most up-to-date dynamic platform as of 2016
  • Specified restoration of systems in the event of a catastrophe
  • Innovation thanks to setup for dynamic SAP HANA® operation
  • Long-term “Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions” contract on latest platform release
  • Provision of 87,680 SAPS, including for HCM, ERP, CRM, ADS and GTS
  • Disaster recovery solution with synchronous mirroring in the twin-core data center
  • DR systems: 99.7% availability
  • Conversion from Oracle to Sybase ASE
  • Setting up a Business Warehouse system (BW) on SAP HANA®
  • Follow-up topics to extend main contract: e.g., proof of concept for SAP HANA® scenario including testing Simple Finance (S4HANA Suite)
  • Stability, flexibility, availability and scalability of the dynamic services
  • Provision as required
  • Transparency thanks to billing using the pay-per-use pricing model
  • No investments in own hardware
  • Data protection compliant with German law
  • Personal support ensures rapid adjustments
  • Technological advance thanks to latest platform release allows rapid innovation, e.g., the use of SAP HANA® and implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions
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