"Thanks to scaling, the infrastructure can grow with the company."
Fabian Henze, founder Jobino UG

Jobino UG: The sure way to a part-time job with Jobino and the Open Telekom Cloud

Berlin start-up Jobino operates the job platform of the same name, which job seekers can use to find the nearest and best-paid part-time job – with precise location detection and information about working hours and pay. To meet the high demands regarding data security and data protection, Jobino moved to the Open Telekom Cloud.
Fabian Henze doesn’t have particularly good memories of his part-time job in a brewery. It was a long way to travel, and on top of that Henze, who was a student at the time, was also poorly paid. But the search for a better job was difficult. Conventional career portals on the Internet practically only ever advertised positions for specialists and managers. Henze developed his business idea out of necessity: a job platform to bring local employers and part-time job seekers together.
On Jobino, part-time jobbers can find the perfect job close to them – thanks to precise location detection and valuable information about working hours and pay. The job providers now include renowned companies from across the whole of Germany.

“Data security is our top priority”

Henze initially put his idea into action with IT from the cloud of an American provider. But then a change was necessary. The provider based in the USA was unable to meet the high demands of German customers with regard to data security and data protection. The background: in the future, applicants will be able to upload sensitive data, such as CVs, to the job platform, to make the job search even easier. “Data security is our top priority, because a security loophole leads to negative headlines and has an immediate impact on the business success,” Henze explains.
The young entrepreneur solved the problem by moving to the Open Telekom Cloud. Jobino has relocated its entire database to the cloud. The Berlin start-up now procures flexibly scalable IT resources, such as storage space and virtual workspaces, from the high-security German computer centres of Deutsche Telekom. All of the data here is subject to strict German data protection regulations. Numerous certificates from independent testing authorities confirm the high level of data security and data protection.

Virtual workspaces

When it comes to recruiting new employees, Jobino already scores points now for its high level of flexibility. Thanks to virtual workspaces from the Open Telekom Cloud, the start-up’s employees can access powerful virtual computers from anywhere – whether they’re working from home, the office or on the road. Meanwhile, there is nothing standing in the way of plans to expand in the German-speaking region. “Thanks to scaling, the infrastructure can grow with the company,” says Henze, who wants to migrate the entire web portal to the Open Telekom Cloud shortly.
The founder has laid the foundations for mini-jobbers, students and interns to have far better memories of their part-time jobs than he does.

Details on the Jobino reference

Conventional career portals only offer vacancies for specialists and managers; part-time jobbers, however, have been left out before now. So Fabian Henze created an Internet portal for companies to advertise vacancies for part-time employees. Thanks to precise location detection and information about working hours and pay, part-time jobbers can find the perfect job close to them.
  • Jobino initially banked on an American cloud provider
  • To protect personal data, a higher level of data security and data protection was necessary
  • Flexible IT resources were needed to realize future projects
  • Limited financial scope
  • Open Telekom Cloud on an OpenStack basis
  • Flexible IT resources
  • Certified high-security computer centres based in Germany
  • Strict German data protection
  • Good value for money thanks to hour-based billing
  • Direct contact at T-Systems
  • No more worries about data security or data protection
  • High availability 
  • Scalable resources provide planning security for future projects as well, such as planned expansion in the German-speaking region.
  • Resources automatically adjust to business development as required (autoscaling)
  • Virtual workspaces
T-Systems International GmbH

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