The smart bike automatically contacts an emergency dispatch center and can be tracked in the event of a theft.

Knightrider on two wheels

This bike is smarter than your average thief: with a built-in GPS tracking system, it keeps its owner up-to-date on its current location. This information can be accessed via a cell-phone app – and, in the event of theft, forwarded to the police.
The intelligent recreational product was developed by Canyon Bicycles, based in Coblenz, in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom. The two-wheeler also offers predictive maintenance functionality. Embedded sensors record data relating to wear-and-tear, and this is reported to the owner via app, and made available to the manufacturer via a cloud-based portal. This input is employed to preemptively purchase spare parts, and to generate recommendations for the user. This system can be leveraged to proactively manage entire bicycle fleets.
The centerpiece of the connected bike is a matchbox-sized, onboard unit discretely embedded in the frame. The device is not immediately visible, and is diffi cult to remove. It is equipped with a SIM card, microcontroller, motion sensor, and a GPS module. As many as ten sensors transfer data to the controller to log mileage and estimate wear-and-tear. Moreover, the system recognizes signs of an accident – for example, strong vibrations, drastic loss of speed, or if the bicycle is suddenly positioned at an unexpected angle. Under these circumstances, the on-board unit issues an alert to the owner’s smartphone. If there is no response, an eCall is automatically placed to an emergency dispatch center.

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