Risk-free IT modernization at a fixed cost – this is what the Cloudifier, T-Systems’ consulting and migration tool, offers.

Risk-free IT modernization at a fixed cost

Transformation via the cloud, based on the example of a radio station.
Nowadays, most people read their news online. When news events occur, spikes in visitor figures can be recorded in near real-time. Reporting in social media is also becoming increasingly important; system must be able to be scaled without technical issues even when current events drive numbers up. With our Cloudifier technology, we helped equip the radio station with the same standard of technological infrastructure as its digital competitors. By transferring its existing IT to the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), the client was able to avail of all the benefits that a modern cloud infrastructure provides. Reliable, cost-effective and secure.

Trends & drivers

The Cloudifier is a consulting and migration tool that modernizes existing IT according to clients’ needs
Cloud services make it possible to react to world events in real-time even when thousands of people simultaneously access the same content. Transformation enables clients to develop the specific areas of their IT infrastructure requiring modernization. At the same time, they can continue working within the environment familiar to them.

Customer requirements

Reduced costs through the usage-based, dynamic provision or cloud infrastructure services. Flexibility through the provision of greater capacity when current news events require it. Improved competitiveness through increasing availability and performance, and high reliability.

The solution

  • Standardized transformation of company’s existing IT via the Cloudifier:
    • Systematic analysis of existing IT, determination of concrete modernization requirements on the basis of real customer needs
    • Operation of cloud solution in Telekom’s high-security data centers, which undergo continual modernization
    • Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) as target platform
    • Attractive price
  • Basis: Cloud services, consulting
The benefits for the customer
Once configured, the platform is easy to use and requires only minimal training
Attractively priced IaaS platform
... thanks to “as a Service” availability and end-to-end approach
... gives clients a competitive advantage and significantly increases company’s appeal to customers
... thanks to pay-per-use pricing model
... through scope to further develop the OTC platform
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