Improving the quality of human activity with Virtual Ergonomics by T-Systems.
Virtual Ergonomics

Smart ergonomic simulation tool for work station design

Human activity greatly influences operational processes. Virtual Ergonomics help optimize how jobs are organized in companies and evaluate the conditions for manual work.
Fewer injuries and illnesses among employees. Cost reductions through improvement and modification of work conditions in the factory. Strategies to improve the quality of human activity can be virtually evaluated and thus contribute toward optimizing cycle times. Solution for organizations such as health insurers, trade associations and insurance firms.

Trends & Drivers

Virtual Ergonomics is a comprehensive, innovative end-to-end solution for improved security concepts
M2M platforms, networks and big data technologies facilitate the digitization of the maintenance process. Security and evaluation ensures people’s safety and security, and evaluates their work performance.

Customer requirements

Lifecycle management for manufacturers and suppliers through comprehensive product information and simpler innovations. High-quality design guaranteed for manufacturers to reduce costs and process design tasks. Manufacturers want to prevent injuries.

The solution

  • Virtual Ergonomics is a simulation tool based on Process Simulate Human software and Xsens MVN BIOMECH Awinda suits; it facilitates the ergonomic improvement and further development of industrial work tasks
  • Provision of designer tools for the ergonomic analysis of virtual products and work environments
  • Models can be adapted to employee sizes and tested, for example, for injury risk, user friendliness and energy consumption
  • Significant competitive advantage through combining techniques for the evaluation of ergonomic and human factors with cutting-edge visualization and simulation technologies
The benefits for the customer
... throughout the entire product lifecycle
... between ergonomic and process planning team
... while saving time and money
... with access to many different evaluation options
Issues dealt with early on in the design process and the prevention of bad investments
... in manually operated work areas
... and in doing so reduces implementation costs and adheres to launch deadlines
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