Co-location service by T-Systems.
Co-location services

Co-location services

On-demand data centers: state-of-the-art, energy-efficient and inexpensive

  • Data center space and infrastructures at three locations
  • For high data security and reliability of IT services
  • Experienced partner for co-location realization
  • Wide range of additional services, e.g. security consulting
  • Pricing in line with benchmarks
  • Compliance with current guidelines for geo-redundancy

Co-location provides space to operate your own services

Co-location is the right choice for companies that operate their own IT, but do not want to be burdened with operating their own data center infrastructure. The service offers "ready to go" data center space. This includes redundant power and air conditioning supplies, including a self-sufficient emergency supply, excellent network and grid connections and separate fire protection zones. Of course, T-Systems guarantees the highest security standards based on detailed security strategies, certified operation and modern structural design. Furthermore, energy-efficient co-location data centers provide the opportunity to permanently reduce costs - a pragmatic and economically advantageous solution compared to operating your own data center.

Co-location offers tangible advantages in many scenarios

Co-location is even a useful addition to modern sourcing concepts: Legacy systems that do not yet make the leap into the cloud can be "parked" in co-location data centers. This also applies to companies that set up or renovate their own data centers. As new BSI guidelines stipulate increased geo-redundancy, IT managers need to develop new strategies for business continuity. And co-location is an excellent choice here, as well: as an additional area for disaster recovery or backups.
Co-location for the digital age
Flyer: Next generation co-location – Secure. Efficient. BSI compliant.


Advantages of co-location services

  • Pricing in line with benchmarks
  • Avoidance of investments
  • Calculable costs thanks to transparent rental model
  • Low PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) < 1.8 allows higher rack density
  • Optimized air conditioning for greater energy efficiency
  • Rack sizes in line with requirements
  • Availability at short notice
  • Reduced burden in relation to commodity activities
  • Self-determined usage periods
  • Numerous certifications for data center operations
  • Decades of experience and expertise
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Geo-redundancy through three locations in Germany
  • Multiple redundancy for air conditioning and power supply (also self-sufficient emergency supply)

Co-location services in Germany

Co-location services information graphic

Use case

Let me entertain you – IP TV via co-location

The media world is changing. Television programs are no longer only transmitted to households via traditional cable, satellites and antennas, but increasingly via IP lines. With almost three million users, Telekom Entertain or Magenta TV is the leading IP-TV service in Germany. However, new provisioning models for TV also require data center capacities. In the case of Magenta TV, servers in the twin-core data center in Frankfurt are responsible for "broadcasting" the television programs. The servers fill more than 200 racks in four fire compartments. The permanent range of co-location services includes the provision of space, redundant power (2N) and cooling systems (2N+1) as well as security.

Added value through co-location

Add-on services are also provided by the data center: one-off or recurring. For example, T-Systems can install the servers, set up incoming goods processes and configure the basic network (including documentation and reporting). Order, change and incident management are viewed as recurring services. All data center services come from a single source and are made available to the customer. What's more, customers benefit from a high level of security and high stability as well the quality of the services - with guaranteed server availability of
99.982 percent.
Co-location services from T-Systems
  • 1-40 managed TS standard racks
  • Standard racks with 2.5 m² and 48 to 55 rack units
  • Racks in four sizes from 3 KVA - 10 KVA per rack
  • Other rack densities on request
  • Power included
  • 2n power distribution
  • n+1 cooling distribution
  • Early fire detection and gas extinguishing
  • Rack doors secured by lock or locking system
  • Cold aisle operation possible
  • Measurable and manageable socket strips possible
  • Service hotline
  • At least 100 m2
  • 3 KVA to 12 KVA per rack (1 KVA/m² to 2.5 KVA/m²)
  • Other rack densities on request
  • Measured service performance with 50 % minimum order quantity
  • 2n power distribution
  • n+1 cooling distribution
  • Early fire detection and gas extinguishing
  • All cage doors secured by individual locking system
  • Cold aisle operation possible
  • Service hotline
  • Quarter rack with at least 10 rack units
  • Part of a TSI standard rack
  • 1.5 KVA
  • Energy included
  • 2n energy distribution
  • n+1 cooling distribution
  • Early fire detection and gas extinguishing
  • All cabinet doors secured with a lock
  • Service hotline
  • Racks with manual or electronic locking
  • DC room planning
  • SLA services (24/7) and incident handling
  • Lift & Shift
  • Rack procurement and assembly
  • X86 installation and configuration
  • Cabling
  • Logistics
  • Documentation
  • Helping hands (power on, power off, re-cabling, installation, incident, ...)
  • Biometric and 2-factor authentication
  • Video surveillance (CCTV)
  • Broad product portfolio of Deutsche Telekom, e.g. Dark Fiber, OTN 100 GBit, MPLS, IAS, EtherConnect, OTV, IP Backbone, ...
  • Multi-provider handling
  • Security concepts and security reviews (in cooperation with T-SEC)
  • Encryption hardware for network and IT data
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Co-location from T-Systems

T-Systems has decades of experience in operating data centers and maintains numerous such centers worldwide. Within the scope of co-location, the team offers its operational experience in particular to companies that operate their own IT, but who want to dispense with commodity services. The data centers in Munich, Frankfurt and Magdeburg/Biere meet the highest security and management standards. Numerous certifications confirm this. If desired, T-Systems can add further IT services to its co-location services: broadband network connections, conception, security design and on-site services. In the co-location model, user companies retain full control over their IT down to the infrastructure level and thus meet all regulatory requirements for IT operations. The network of data centers also allows the geo-redundant operation of IT in accordance with the recommendations of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) published in 2018.

T-Systems fulfills security standards

Compliance and security requirements are complex. Especially for critical systems with high or maximum availability, regulatory requirements must be met. And these requirements and guidelines also apply to T-Systems in relation to co-location services. As a result of this, business-critical IT systems are equipped with a redundant, fail-safe setup for failover and fallback scenarios. T-Systems co-location can therefore be operated as an on-demand model for data center infrastructures and support the agility of a company just as well as the security and availability of IT services.

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