VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS

Seamless migration of workloads to the Amazon Cloud

  • Trusted technology and processes thanks to proven VMware technology
  • Seamless portability of all vSphere-based workloads
  • Custom SDDC on physically separated bare-metal systems
  • Performance and scalability especially for large workloads
  • Access and integration of >125 native AWS services
Martin Bader
Martin Bader

Squad Lead Sales VMware

VMware Cloud on AWS: Hybrid cloud solution from the industry leaders

VMware Cloud on AWS is a hybrid cloud offering that combines the power of VMware's Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) with the broad range of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the public cloud. This provides companies with a scalable self-service cloud option that complements T-Systems' existing systems and is geared to rapidly changing business requirements and increased interest in the public cloud and multi cloud. The solution is particularly interesting for companies that already work with VMware environments. Beginners can implement the system quickly and easily – they can also adapt it to their needs effortlessly.

Cloud migration made easy

One benefit of VMware Cloud on AWS is the seamless migration of existing workloads to the public cloud: the majority of all local data centers run on the same VMware SDDC technology as VMware Cloud on AWS. This simplifies hybrid IT operations for enterprises by eliminating the need to purchase new or custom hardware, rewrite applications or change existing operating models. Companies can thus seamlessly use the public cloud with the same platform they use in their own data center – a truly innovative feature in the field of public cloud migration.

Use Cases

Seamless Migration of Private and Public Coud Solutions

Different suppliers, same technology

The bare metal infrastructure of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and VMware SDDC technology enable performance, compatibility and straightforward portability of workloads between local environments and the AWS cloud. The secure and highly scalable service allows the use of native AWS services for storage, databases, internet of things (IoT), security or mobile applications. The many innovations are integrated into enterprise applications running on the VMware virtualization platform for computing, storage and networking.

Private environment in the public cloud

VMware Cloud on AWS is already available worldwide (South America, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia); further locations are in the pipeline. The service is provided in a single-tenant (i.e., the customer's own) environment on physically separated AWS bare-metal systems, giving customers dedicated access to their VMware vCenter. These are services that have not yet been possible in a shared and public environment. By taking into account the availability, performance, compliance and security of each cloud environment, organizations can strategically decide where to run applications – according to their business needs – or where to store their data.

T-Systems as single point of contact

With VMware Cloud on AWS, T-Systems offers a suitable platform for both traditional workloads (Mode 1) and managed cloud services for AWS (Cloud-native or Mode 2). This allows T-Systems to support and assist its customers with the strategic planning and transformation of their IT into the hybrid and public cloud.
A whole range of use cases are recommended for the use of VMware Cloud on AWS. As a managed service provider for AWS and VMware, T-Systems provides consulting services to interested companies. Under the motto "Navigate & Implement", T-Systems offers customized consulting and onboarding packages that complement the infrastructure offering and support customers in the introduction and use of cloud services.

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