Cloud Security Package

For detecting and safeguarding cloud services

  • Reduce the risk of data loss due to unauthorized shadow IT
  • Control and protection for SaaS services, such as Office 365
  • Development of a comprehensive cloud security strategy
Paul Schöber
Paul Schöber

Portfolio Clusterhead Cloud, Data & Application Security

Shadow IT: Using SaaS services without security restrictions

The protection of data and applications provided through cloud services is still in its infancy in many aspects. In addition, cloud and software as-a-service technologies have developed at uncontrollable speed, and are now being used by the employees in the company.
But the SaaS services used by companies, such as Office 365 or Salesforce, should be regulated and protected accordingly. The challenge is the fact that neither the data nor the services themselves are under the control of the company.
That is why Telekom Security provides companies with their Cloud Protect Pro service to detect shadow IT (unknown hardware or software inside the company network) and protect Office 365 from unauthorized access. The offer includes Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), a platform which detects and regulates cloud services and protects them from misuse in the company. To this end, 15 hours for application operation are expected per month. A consulting workshop to discuss planning, requirements and existing cloud usage is also included. The results of this workshop will be incorporated into a comprehensive cloud security strategy, which will be presented in the final report.
One example highlighting the issue would be a company from the financial sector: It makes cloud services available to its employees to exchange data and information while providing the employees with the freedom of accessing these services from anywhere. In order to properly protect the data, all cloud services used by employees of the company must be recognized, analyzed and either approved or blocked by a central solution. Only then will all employees be able to seamlessly access such data without any risks and transmit data using Office 365. Data loss can only be prevented through transparency or protected against unauthorized access or cyber attacks, especially if the applications and data are no longer the responsibility and full access of the company.

Cloud Security Package – full transparency of cloud services

According to Statista, sales in cloud computing are expected to grow to 278 billion US dollars by the year 2021. The industry has been growing steadily over the past years, a development which is being supported by a stronger adaptation of cloud services in Germany. However, the safeguards for data and applications made available via cloud services are still in their infancy in most places. In addition, cloud technologies which employees must use in their work have developed uncontrollably. It is important to keep a clear overview: for the purposes of IT security as well as for reasons related to costs.
Cloud Security Package
  • In-depth use of public cloud services in the company.
  • No overview and lack of transparency about the use of cloud services.
  • Insufficient security and subsequent risks of data loss due to shadow IT.
  • Automatic blocking of unknown cloud services.
  • Autonomous data classification and data loss prevention functions.
  • A strong cloud security concept.
  • Control over shadow IT through managed service.
  • Transparency and overview of all data flows into the cloud.
  • Effective and safe use of cloud services.