Smart engineering with big data and digital twins


How Big Data Signal Processing, automated situation recognition, and digital twins are changing engineering

Digitalization is changing the world. In today’s world “data is the new oil,” and the use of data in industrial processes and products creates enormous potential for optimization and completely new sources of revenue. Production companies are therefore very interested in data that provide information about their product, in the case of the automotive industry for example, vehicle use, vehicle characteristics, and quality. These data can provide valuable insights for the development of autonomous driving. Customer interaction can also be improved, for example to be able to address drivers in certain situations, such as before the onset of wear and tear.

This white paper is geared towards engineers, developers, and IT managers who are faced with the challenges of “digital engineering”. It provides a concrete answer to the question of how to improve development processes in the area of ECU software with big data technologies.

In the whitepaper

  • Changing conditions for engineers
  • New methods for data handling accelerate development
  • More efficient data management using big data methods
  • Digital twins
  • Added value through scenario recognition, creation, and simulation

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