Magentafarbener Hintergrund Whitepaper: IT-Security im Cloud-Zeitalter

White paper: Security in Cyberspace

DDoS-Attacks – Insights and Solutions

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“Always on” – a thing of the past

Business processes today need Internet connectivity: that’s why defending against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks is becoming increasingly important. You think your company is spared because you installed the right firewalls and detection systems? Wrong. Cybercriminals have been blackmailing and crippling even the largest nations and enterprises with DDoS attacks.

  • How DDoS attacks prevent enterprises from accessing the Internet
  • DDoS attacks in a changing environment
  • The different types of DDoS attacks
  • Tools and methods used for DDoS attacks
  • Defense strategies against DDoS attacks and solutions
  • The advantages of professional DDoS defense


Cover and the next page as a screenshot showing the whitep aper: Security in Cyberspace

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