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In today’s fast-paced data-driven landscape, staying ahead is crucial for success. Gain a deeper understanding into key business and tech trends and make smarter decisions for your organization’s future. Take a deep dive into Gartner® insights, reports and trends spanning AI, SAP, automation, augmented reality and more. Let T-Systems be your trusted guide through the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The EU AI Act and its impact

By 2027, AI’s productivity value will be a key economic indicator globally, driven by significant gains in workforce productivity. This highlights the importance of early intervention to address both short and long-term impacts of artificial intelligence. The EU AI Act, with its far-reaching provisions, is a testament to this shift. European lawmakers have already reached a political agreement on this regulatory framework, signaling its implications beyond Europe’s borders. Applications and software engineering leaders must proactively phase out prohibited AI systems and embrace AI trust, risk, and security management practices to stay ahead of regulatory requirements and ensure responsible AI usage. Read more about AI and the EU AI Act in the Gartner® report linked below.

Understanding RISE with SAP licensing

Dive into the intricacies of RISE with SAP licensing, presenting a challenge for sourcing, procurement, and vendor management leaders. Utilize this Gartner® research to decode the RISE with SAP model, pinpoint essential products, and request comprehensive pricing analyses. Anticipate a seismic shift by 2026, as over 90% of SAP HANA ERP proposals transition to RISE with SAP, resulting in a 40% surge in annual operating expenditure (opex) for clients.

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