Industrie 4.0 : The Future of Production

The Smart factory integrates production processes and logistics

  • Transparency on all levels: from shop floor to top floor
  • Production and logistics systems that run themselves
  • Flexible value networks instead of sequential supply chains
  • Production systems that can handle batches of one
  • Predictive control based on real-time analysis of large data volumes
  • End-to-end expertise: from implementing a standalone module to integrating an end-to-end software solution
Rajan Padayachee

Head of Sales

Industrie 4.0

  • Increasing individualized products
  • Organization and control of the value chain over the product lifecyle
  • Data deducation for an optimized value stream - also regarding ”lot size 1“
  • Multiple Platforms
  • Services
  • Products
  • Solutions 
  • Self-organizing, company-wide, dynamic and realtime-oriented value chain network
  • Optimizing of costs, availability and resource consumption