Did he discover it or invent it? It doesn’t matter. In any case, Dr. Michael Grieves is, for all intents and purposes, the digital twin’s “daddy”. In this interview he explains how that came to pass and what he sees in the future for his baby.

Digital twin

These are the top application scenarios for the digital twin.

Reference CIO talk

“Digitization needs people! That way, ideas and things that may be easy to develop with new technologies come to be.”
Damian Bunyan, CIO at Uniper

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Digital health

The digital patient: the start-up Alacris Theranostics uses digital twins instead of real test subjects to test the effectiveness of medicine.

Analyst assessment cloud UK

“T-Systems has a broad portfolio that addresses both the midmarket and large market and covers very complex requirements.”
Information Service Group (ISG) 2018

Analyst assessment UCC

“T-Systems combines a complete UCC Managed Service with a market-leading infrastructure for Network Managed Services.”
Information Service Group (ISG) 2018

Perspective multi cloud

There is no such thing as a cloud for all seasons. That is why companies are increasingly opting for multi cloud. With a cloud management platform you maintain an overview.

Perspective IoT applications

Autonomous driving? Smart garbage cans? The future is connected, but the road to the future is stony. Why pilot projects are indispensable, if IoT applications are to function smoothly on a large scale in the near future.


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