Supervisory Board

Dr. Christian P. Illek

Dr. Christian P. Illek

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of T-Systems International GmbH

Shareholder representatives

Dr. Christian P. Illek

Board Member for Finance, Deutsche Telekom AG

Dr. Thomas Kremer

Board Member for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance, Deutsche Telekom AG

Dr. Axel Lützner

Vice President, Anorganic Changes of Structure, Group Headquarters Legal, Deutsche Telekom AG

Manuela Mackert

Head of Group Compliance Management, Deutsche Telekom AG

Dr. Guillaume Maisondieu

Head of Group Accounting & Customer Finance, Deutsche Telekom AG

Ralf Nejedl

Senior Vice President B2B DT Europe, Deutsche Telekom AG

Kyra Orth

Senior Vice President Top Executive Management, Deutsche Telekom AG

Ute Wenner

Senior Vice President Functional Controlling Business, Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Employee representatives

Michael Jäkel

Group Leader for Nationwide IT, United Services Trade Union ver.di, Berlin

Herbert Comanns

Chairman of the Works Council, T-Systems International GmbH, Bonn

Tim Feise

Union Secretary, ver.di, Bremen

Petra Steffi Kreusel

SVP Customer & Public Relations, T-Systems International GmbH, Frankfurt (M.)

Jürgen Kriependorf

Member of the Division Group Work Council T-Systems, Magdeburg

Susanne Kruse

Member of Works Council TSI Süd-West, T-Systems, Saarbrücken

Kerstin Marx

Member of the Division Group Work Council T-Systems, Hannover

Thomas Schneegans

Chairman of the General Works Council T-Systems, Hamburg