Telekom presents the "big five" of digitization

Mar 16, 2015

CeBIT Clemens
CeBIT 2015 gets underway: For Telekom Board member and T-Systems CEO Reinhard Clemens, standards, data analysis, security, cloud platforms and connectivity are the most important drivers of successful digitization.
How can we make sure that we are not left behind by the major economic regions in north America and Asia, which in some cases are already out of our league?" Clemens asked at the start of CeBIT 2015 in Hanover. His answer: If Germany wants to lead the world in the networking of production and products, it must speak with one voice in Europe and in the world about standardization. 

Consortium with SAP for Industry 4.0

"We can't afford to only offer Industry 4.0 within a national context," Clemens said in Hanover. Telekom and SAP are forming a consortium to permanently establish Industry 4.0 from Germany as world-leading. Industry needs new standards. According to Clemens, these new standards need to be "simple, pragmatic and quick." He added that the consortium is open to other partners; talks are already underway.

The Cloud of Things for Industry 4.0

Telekom is presenting the Connected Industry Platform (CIP) as an example that represents the intelligent convergence of manufacturing and information technology. The first industrial companies are already connected. The platform is now being upgraded to become a cloud for Industry 4.0. "The new platform now allows our customers to connect all kinds of things easily," explained Clemens. "So it is a platform for all industries."
The platform is already being used in the automotive industry. Around one million cars are already connected via the platform, which is currently being accessed 15 million times a day. CIP is already a top export. Deutsche Telekom has established a joint venture with China Mobile on the connected car. Telekom also offers SMEs a simple way to get started with connected production with its Industry 4.0 package.

Real-time mass data analytics

A pilot project conducted in collaboration with the Nuremberg-based local transportation company, VAG, on counting traffic flows shows how mass data analysis can be used in compliance with data privacy law. "This new method represents a quantum leap. There will be fewer overcrowded buses and streetcars, fewer empty runs, but also less congestion from commuters on the roads," Clemens said with confidence.
The solution, which was developed in close consultation with data privacy authorities, will be able to link anonymous mobile communications data with anonymous data from customer management systems. The data is made anonymous and compiled into groups so that there is no way to trace it back to individual people. According to Clemens, "We've developed a model that meets the desire of residents to keep their data private." Every user will be able to decide for themselves whether their data is used in these analyses. The Federal Data Protection Authority is also impressed with the data analysis model and has given the solution the green light.

Free security package for everyone 

Telekom has negotiated a free security package with four German IT security providers. The package comes with software that closes key security gaps common to PCs: an anti-virus program, Internet connection encryption, secure data storage, encryption of data in the cloud and guaranteed privacy when surfing online. The products will be available as a download via an online portal as of Q2. Updates run automatically in the background. "The four partners we are working with are all based in Germany. That supports the German security industry," Clemens stressed. "We're already working on a version for mobile devices and are planning to offer a premium version with additional functions."
A Hotspot Plug’n’Play, which enables businesses to provide free Wi-Fi to their customers without any liability risk is also new. Customers can use the service to get straight online without having to log in. Hotspot data traffic is completely separate from the home network.