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Digitalization and Digital Transformation

A bridge that connects technical systems and simplifies complex business processes

Digital transformation is changing the workplace

Digitalization and digital transformation, also referred to as “digitalization 4.0”, goes far beyond innovative technologies. It includes new business models and precise analyses using data science as well as unique customer experiences and improved processes. Perhaps you are wondering how to create an agile organization to better adapt to volatile markets? Or how your production processes can be improved with the help of IoT – the Internet of Things? If you are asking these questions, then T-Systems is the right partner for you. 

Opportunities and challenges in the Digital Age

32 %

more revenue and 27 % more profit will be achieved by companies that generate more than 50 % of their revenue from digital systems.¹

80 %

of the value chain will be digitalized by 2020.²

¹,, ; ² Industry 4.0 – Opportunities and Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, pwc, October 2014

One for everything

If you want to stay afloat in business from a digital perspective, you can't avoid consultants, manufacturers, integrators and digitalization service providers. In a best case scenario, implementation is handled by a single digital partner. We meet this challenge with our integrated T-Systems approach. Digitalization is one of our four core competencies to help lead your project to success. Complexity is reduced through agile and flexible project work, which can be implemented end-to-end. You decide on the extent and scope.

To our strategy

Creating Future Business

Find customer use cases for digitization on over 100 pages.

T-Systems solutions for the digital workplace

We look forward to your project!

We are happy to provide you with the right experts and to answer your questions about planning, implementation, and maintenance for your digitization plans. Get in touch!

In close cooperation with T-Systems, we have generated significant added value with minimal additional costs. The new service makes a significant contribution towards improving customer loyalty, which can already be felt today.

Hermann Költringer, Managing Director for Key Account Management and Business Development Transport, Quehenberger Logistics

Five reasons to choose T-Systems

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  1. We develop digital end-to-end solutions with coordinated consulting, co-innovation, and system integration
  2. We implement over 5,000 digitalization projects per year for medium-sized companies and corporations, and 5.9 million users use our SAP systems
  3. We work with leading digital vendors around the world
  4. We know our way around, even when it comes to complex requirements and business-critical business applications
  5. For us, digital transformation means: the highest quality standards, agility, and a sense of responsibility 

T-Systems solutions for the digital workplace

Where do you want to start?


Making a company or business unit "digital" requires strategic planning, reliable technologies, and a competent partner. We can help you to integrate many different things optimally. No matter where you are on your journey.

A company that has successfully digitalized

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