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Open Infrastructure Summit: Telekom is the headline sponsor

April 29 to May 1, 2019 | Denver

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Open Infrastructure Summit: Industry gathering with a new name

 The OpenStack Foundation is once again inviting the community to an international industry meeting. This time to Denver – and with a new name, so that the event can reach a wider audience. Telekom will also be there with a keynote by Stefan Bucher, SVP Operational Excellence/Open Telekom Cloud, its own booth and art with AI from the cloud. 
It marks the end of an era – and also a new beginning: Using a new name, the industry get-together is replacing the OpenStack Summit and in the process is becoming thematically broader. "We shifted our focus from being solely about the production of the OpenStack software, to more broadly helping organizations embrace open infrastructure: using and combining open source solutions to fill their needs in terms of IT infrastructure,” says Thierry Carrez, VP of Engineering der OpenStack Foundation.  

From OpenStack to Open Infrastructure

Now the event is taking place for the first time under the new name the "Open Infrastructure Summit": From April 29 to May 1, around 3,000 IT experts will gather in Denver to exchange views on the latest developments and trends. In addition to OpenStack, the focus will be on many other topics, including container infrastructures, edge computing, continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. However, the core topic is still OpenStack: "Open infrastructure couldn’t happen without a solid platform that can integrate the tools you need. OpenStack is that platform. Open infrastructure starts with OpenStack," says Jonathan Bryce, CEO of the OpenStack Foundation.

Creative AI from the cloud

Visitors can experience for themselves just how powerful and creative the Open Telekom Cloud based on OpenStack can be: In no time at all, a snapshot can be turned into a true work of art à la Monet, Picasso or Rembrandt. What seems simple actually requires enormous computing capacity: "Processing image data is one of the most complex applications available," says Anthony Clarke, Chief Technologist, Deutsche Telekom. "That's why our artistic AI is the perfect way to demonstrate the potential of our Open Telekom Cloud to the trade fair visitors.” The Telekom experts will also provide information about the Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid Solution as well as security and data protection aspects of their multi-certified cloud.

An overview of the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver:

Who: In addition to Deutsche Telekom, other well-known IT companies, renowned international speakers and numerous visitors from the developer sector.
Keynote: Dr. Stefan Bucher, SVP Operational Excellence/Open Telekom Cloud on the topic of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Open Telekom Cloud Combines Technology Innovation with Reliable Day-Two-Ops Engineering”
Panel discussion: “Of hammers and nails: A panel discussion on choosing the right tool for the matching task in OpenStack Automation”, Participants: Artem Goncharov, Dmitri Tantsur, Joe Topijan, Frank Kloeker; moderated by Nils Magnus (Monday, April 29, 2 p.m. - 2:40 p.m.)
Other topics:
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, high performance computing
  • Public, private & hybrid cloud
  • Edge computing
  • Open development
  • Continuous integration/continuous development telecom & network functions virtualization
  • Security