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VMC Flex – your next stop on AWS cloud

How to scale smarter and faster with maximum flexibility

Benefit from VMC on AWS Flex

Hyperscalers like AWS are indispensable partners for achieving the necessary speed and effectiveness in digitalization. However, many applications are not cloud-ready. They must be adapted, before they can be transferred to the cloud. This is time-consuming and expensive. Our webcast captures how you can move to cloud smartly with maximum flexibility, using our product VMC on AWS Flex, developed by T-Systems.

Key takeaways from the webcast

  • How to bring legacy applications to the cloud without refactoring, steep up-front costs, reskilling, and so on
  • Deploy new systems and scale flexibly in pay-as-you-go mode with VMC on AWS Flex
  • How to maintain full control of your VMware environment in the cloud

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