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Create the Future, Today!

What’s relevant tomorrow? Let us know via Social Media using ‘#questionfortomorrow’ to get featured and becoming a Chief Tomorrow Officer.

Your quick guide to the careers of tomorrow

Katharyn White, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer T-Systems International GmbH

by Katharyn White, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer T-Systems International GmbH


  • Demand for new thinking has always been important, but in the future new and different thinking will heighten in importance
  • Tomorrow’s most exciting careers will blend creativity with problem solving
  • Industries are adapting to what matters to you
  • Don’t only find your fit, create your fit
  • Tech trends predict what lies ahead
  • Future proofing your career path begins with the right questions and it starts now
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You can start transforming your career today by writing the questions of the future using the hashtag #questionfortomorrow.

We’ll select those who submit the most challenging and thought-provoking questions to serve as Chief Tomorrow Officers. New thinking is required at every stage of your career – even now, as your career is just beginning or might still be in your future. Asking the right questions is a prerequisite to solving problems, and a prerequisite to bringing together the right people to address those problems in new ways. Together, we shape our shared human experience, from where we live to how we treat our planet. All industries have the potential to merge, grow and adapt to technology, the environment and our shared wellbeing in order to have a positive impact on this collective push towards transformative change.

What makes a great question?

A Chief Tomorrow Officer might not be a position you can find on most job boards or resumes – but it’s our term for a new kind of forward-thinking leader who has disproportional positive and pervasive influence in an organization. They engage everyone to think differently by asking questions that inspire and challenge. Often these questions have both short-term relevance as well as long-term implications.

We believe in great questions to unlock the potential of tomorrow.

Become a Chief Tomorrow Officer – a new generation of managers who are forward-looking and think positively and exert influence across departments

In the internship for the Chief Tomorrow officer you encourage colleagues to think differently by asking the right questions. Because questions we ask now will shape the future. What’s yours? Share your #questionfortomorrow on social media and become a Chief Tomorrow Officer.

#wearefutureproof   #meetyourfuture

What’s changing the game?

You are. Chief Tomorrow Officers change the game for everyone by their leadership and power of persuasion. They are knowledgeable and humble, always learning, always helping to create connections in the organization, and across organizations to imagine, and build, a better tomorrow. They are pragmatic dreamers that endlessly see the possibilities.

Some example CTO questions that would inspire the organization:

  • What will we do to change the future of our planet?
  • How do we engage more people in creating an inclusive future?
  • What is the future of education?

Useful attributes

  • You love learning
  • You enjoy solving problems by inspiring others to come together to accomplish meaningful things
  • You are optimistic and pragmatic
  • Your interests blend maths and science, art and design, and connecting people
  • You inspire others to come on the journey with you

Top Skills

  • Communication and influencing others
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork

The technology shaping the way you’ll work

  • Virtual Reality. You’ll be able to see and feel the future before we create it.
  • Big data (using information to make decisions) will help to inform approaches and new insights.
  • Robots and drones. New stuff of any type. We already use them to perform surgery and do tricky repairs. There is no limit to the CTO’s thinking.

CTO’s can come from any industry and create an on-ramp to any future role

  1. Create a question of the future, using #questionfortomorrow and we will feature the best questions in our campaign
  2. The best submissions will earn a CTO experience with Telekom and T-Systems
  3. Top-performing CTO’s will be included in a Virtual Advisory Board with our top clients to extend their influence now

How do we prepare for a digital future?

Understanding today. Shaping tomorrow. Be inspired by our future-oriented insights.

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