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Manage risks – securely, reliably, compliantly

Say goodbye to risk: this is how companies find their way to a secure and reliable digital future


rate cyber security as very important or important.1

53 %

don’t use identity security/identity and access management (IAM).1

73 %

don’t have any in-house security operations center (SOC).1

68 %

don’t use a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).1

  • 1 

    PAC 2021: Cloud-related Cyber Security in Germany, Austria and, Switzerland

Risk management: Play it safe

The cloud is an important instrument for companies, not just for scalability and agility but also for guaranteeing IT security, conformity and business continuity. According to Gartner, 365 billion dollars will be transacted each year by 2022 in public cloud services alone. But how does IT risk management work? How do companies efficiently protect their processes, their infrastructure, network and the transition between clouds and other IT infrastructures? And how do they ensure that all compliance and legal requirements are adhered to?

Turning point for cloud security

Risky deficits: A new PAC study has made it clear that modern cloud infrastructures need to take a new approach to security.

How you can make your cloud highly available, compliant and secure

How T-Systems minimizes risk for your IT

In-house data centers, highly specialized experts and all hyperscalers under one roof: no other provider combines such a wealth of expertise with many years of experience in international digital projects. For example, T-Systems operates the latest cyber defense operations center in Europe to protect IT environments, and ensures reliable, secure and compliant IT operations with certified cloud competence and extensive compliance expertise. T-Systems reliably supports companies with their migration, implementation and managed operation. In short: T makes it work!

Minimize your risk

How much would an IT outage cost you? And how likely is it to occur? We would be happy to advise you on how to avoid risks such as during cloud migration or with the application of a multi-cloud. Send us your requirements!
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