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Sustainability at T-Systems

Contributing to a more sustainable future

Act responsibly, enable sustainability

Electricity from renewable energies, digital participation and responsibility: explore what we achieved as a group in 2021, and outline the goals we have set ourselves for the future.

Climate Neutral Data Center Pact

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ICT and digitalization are major enablers to curb emissions with one key area being data center efficiency. In 2021 T-Systems joined the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact which brings together data center operators and trade associations who are committed to European Green Deal. 

Our commitment as Telekom Group: T-Systems has committed to Deutsche Telekom Climate Protection Targets¹ and drives a dedicated agenda to contribute and deliver

0 %

Net Zero for direct and indirect energy consumption 2025, including up to 95 % reduction 2017–2025

100 %

Renewables for Deutsche Telekom Group from 2021

25 %

Emission reduction per client for value chain emissions 2017-2030

0 %

Net zero Emissions for Scope 1-3 at the latest by 2040

Best Practice

Sustainable business

Get in touch with our experts to discuss your sustainable future. From Green Data Centers to sustainable logistics and sustainability management to our #GreenMagenta labelled solutions.

Sustainable business

Sustainability in Action

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Sustainability in numbers

How does one measure sustainability? With a sustainability dashboard. Know more about how T-Systems makes this possible.

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Digital innovation in pursuit of climate goals

Shell and Deutsche Telekom agree to advance digital innovation in pursuit of climate goals.

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Are Digitalization and Sustainability Compatible?

How companies measure the CO2 footprint of their cloud infrastructure and derive measures from this.

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How to promote sustainability in the finance sector

Did our article ‘Bank on Sustainability’ leave you asking for more? Here are the meaty details.

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Why Gen Z is vital to your sustainability

For a green and sustainable future, we need to hear the voices of Generation Z in every boardroom.

Magenta-colored logo of Deutsche Telekom's "#GreenMagenta" sustainability label

Green IT: Making digitalization sustainable with the cloud

Cloud computing and sustainability are not contradictory. But companies should consider certain sustainability criteria when choosing a provider.

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Gijón: Transformation into a smart city

T-Systems supported the city of Gijón in Spain to become a smart city.

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Industry Map: A Digital Ecosystem for Transport and Logistics

Discover new digitalization opportunities for Transport and Logistics industry

Laboratory assistant

Cosmetics manufacturer: legally binding nature of the approval process

DocuSign ensures a smooth and reliable signature process in the approval of cosmetic products.

Employee with augmented reality glasses works in the lab.

More efficient machine maintenance with augmented reality

Schwan Cosmetics works with virtual reality glasses

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Measuring and managing sustainability

Web-based solution for companies shows indicators for sustainability.

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